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A bit of motivation.

Shoes on the beach

You loved that person with all your heart. Something happened and you are not together anymore.

Betrayed your trust, ruined your hopes and dreams. Everything seemed to be lost.

You actually thought your world was over because every single thing you did was gravitating around your ex. Why? Why wouldn’t you put yourself first? See if you’re happy or not.

Why do you always think that the other one’s feelings are more important than yours?

Do you actually think that you cannot start a new life without that person close to you? Think again!

Life can be really amazing, when you realize that you are supposed to be happy and you are the only one responsible for your own happiness. If you don’t care about your body and soul, nobody will do that for you. Ever!

Try to get out of the routine, try to start living again, will you?!?

Read a book, go for a walk, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Smile when you walk on the street, see how that feels (people will definitely smile back). Play with children in the park, let them give you some of the happiness they have (remember what made you happy when you were a child!). Wear colourful clothes, buy yourself a cookie.

I’m pretty sure you have a list of things you wanted to do, but you forgot about it, because you’ve put someone else’s desires and needs first. Get a tattoo, or go hiking. Learn how to drive, or maybe even ride a bike, or go rollerblading.

Life isn’t complicated; we just make it that way, because we cannot see the beauty of it. And even now, after you finish reading this, you’ll go back to your routine. I dare you not to do that. Maybe try to change something, just a small thing in your life and try to be happy for once.

After you find your inner peace and happiness, the universe will bring you the person you need.

Trust me, I have found him recently and I have never been happier in my life!


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