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School starts!

School starts.

School starts tomorrow. After a long (well, maybe not that long) summer holiday, filled with laughter, joy and a trip to the seaside, I have to get ready to wake up at 7 a.m. again and start my daily routine.

I ironed my shirt, polished my shoes and got everything ready for the first day of school. I am thrilled about meeting my friends again, because some of them where away the entire holiday, so I didn’t get a chance to meet them that often. I am nervous about what the new school year will bring and excited to see my favourite teachers again.

I go to bed early, but I cannot fall asleep. I have hundreds of thoughts running through my head. What will happen, will we have new colleagues, and will some of the old ones be gone? There are so many things that can change in almost 3 months. Eventually I fall asleep, dreaming about something that I cannot remember in the morning. The alarm goes on and I wake up. My mom is in the kitchen, making breakfast. My dad is getting ready to bring me to school and asks me if I want to buy flowers for my teacher.

I have a shower, get dressed and at 7:30 a.m. we leave the house. We go to a flower shop and I choose the perfect bouquet for my teacher. I am happy!

We arrive at school. The streets are packed with children, parents, grandparents, and teachers.  I meet some of my colleagues and we are all extremely cheerful and a bit loud (like everyone else).

Because it’s the 15th of September, rain starts to fall and the fresh smell of grass, combined with the smell of the flowers I hold in my hands is just awesome. This is how a first day of school should smell…

And then, I wake up… It was just a dream! Oh, sometimes I really wish I could be a kid again and enjoy every small thing, without thinking about life’s difficult parts. It was way easier when there weren’t as many smart phones or other internet applications that ruined the joy of meeting someone after a long absence. It was easier when parents cooked and did everything for us.

Childhood is just amazing!


4 thoughts on “School starts!

  1. ..da Oti …asa a fost , acum destul de multi ani pentru mine, … asa a fost si in aceasta dimineata ….nu stiu cum a dormit Arthur ( azi dimineata tremura un pic si spunea ca are emotii )…dar eu m-am cam foit ..sunt la a doua oara in viata mea la inceputul clasei 1 :))

    1. Dragul de el! Ai copil mare acum, Mire. Nu-mi vine să cred ce repede a trecut timpul, parcă ieri era un bebe mic. Mult succes de acum încolo! 😀

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