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Call it intuition.

Sometimes we are really selfish. As human beings we usually judge people by their appearance. We make a first impression after a few seconds, just by looking at a person, we decide if we like them or not.

Well, walking down the street, a few weeks ago, I saw a man, standing in front of a building. He looked like a homeless person, and he smelled really bad. I walked by and went on my way to do my job for the day. I returned a few hours later and the man was still there sleeping on the cold path.

I felt bad for him and went to a shop, bought him a sandwich and some water. I don’t know exactly why I did that, because as we all do, I judged him from the first second I saw him standing on the street.

I gave him the food and we started talking. It was difficult for him to express himself, because he was beaten the night before by some drunk students. They did this just for the fun of it; he was just sleeping. He told me he used to be a painter, and he did that for more than 25 years. He had a wife and 3 children. His wife cheated on him and made some arrangements to kick him out of the house. She got a court order and he was thrown on the streets with no money and no more future family life. He started crying when he told me his story…

I don’t know why I stopped that day and I have never seen that person after that, I just needed to help him at that time. It felt as the right thing to do.

Maybe, sometimes, we need to take some time and listen to people… There are a lot of homeless persons everywhere, some actually have had a really bad life experience and cannot get over that.

Maybe instead of just walking by or throwing some change in their hats or mugs, we can give them a bottle of water or a small sandwich or something to eat. Even a hug or a smile could help make their day better.

I’m sure we all have clothes we don’t use, or know people that have some… Give one a T-shirt, or a jacket you want to throw… You will literally change someone’s life with a very small gesture.

Human beings are supposed to care for each other, and offer love to one another… Try doing that from time to time.

The world won’t get better if we don’t get involved in changing it!


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