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A “girly” moment…

Friendship is a treasure

This year my life has changed, in a major way. I moved from the place I have lived for over 25 years, to another country, to start a new life…

Moving away had its ups and downs, but eventually things got on the right track.

The only thing I really want to point out, beside the fact that my family has always been there for me, is that true friendship really lasts, even if you are away for a long period of time.

Actually, many of the friendships I have got better, the relationships got to be more open and we share more intimate things than we managed to do before. We talk on Facebook, Skype, or using e-mail. Because we all have busy lives, sometimes we might not talk for a week, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t close to each other.

I think that having a mature relationship is exactly this… to stick to people, even if they are not physically close to you anymore. I’ve met almost all of them last week and it was like I have never left, and I am proud to say that I have the best friends in the world, and I know I have made the right choice to keep them in my life, as well as they have decided to hold me in their own.

And this is how I can sum up how life is. It is a sequence of moments that take your breath away…

Starting with the moment…

–           When you realize that your life has changed for the better, when you finally got rid of something or someone that was harming you, and kept close only the people that really love you.

–          When you realize that you are surrounded by a loving and caring family that will do anything for you, even when you do bad things they don’t agree with.

–          When you realize that all the trust you’ve put in people around you is not in vain and they love you no matter what.

–          When you fall in love and realize that your life has become exactly how it was in your dreams and in your wishes (and it feels so perfect).

–          When you admit that you are wrong and accept a second opinion that will make things better.

–          When you open your heart to receive and give love to people who have always been there for you.

–          When you acquire something you wished for – learning something new, teaching or helping someone, finishing a task or deadline…

Maybe this may sound a bit too “girly”, but I’ve learned that every moment like the ones above needs to be treasured and kept safely in your heart, because this makes you have the faith that things will eventually turn up as you want them to be.

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