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Honestly, I have never wanted to get married before. I always had the idea that if people really love each other, they don’t need a big ceremony to prove that… They can just live their life in peace, without going through all that trouble with planning everything and organizing for an entire year, an event that lasts only a night…
But then, something changed, I have met my price charming, and I finally managed to picture myself in a white dress, sitting proud beside my one and only. I guess miracles do happen when you find your true love. I will now talk a bit about the engagement and the “will you marry me?” part.
He proposed in a very romantic way, after talking to my parents, and I received the perfect ring, exactly what I wished for. In Romania, we used to have these two traditions: “asking the parents” and after, the “engagement party”. They were lost along the way, because people don’t necessarily have enough time to plan something like that anymore, they just get married, shortly after they announce the engagement and things just follow their own course. For me, the fact that he talked to my parents first, was the most important part, because he did that in Romanian, although he is Irish, he really impressed everyone by doing that…
I have read that the “engagement period” was very important back in the days, because it gave the couple time to get to know each other better, and somehow combine the two families that will eventually become one. This sounds like a good idea, and we actually did that without even knowing that was the tradition. We organized an engagement party, as a chance for my fiancé to meet my entire family and friends, as well as a way for all my friends to become more familiar to one another.
Because we now live about 2500 km away from where the event happened, we had to plan everything on the computer, using, e-mail and facebook. Things just fell into place and the engagement party was a hit. We were surprised to see how much people love us and we received a lot of amazing gifts for decorating the house. We combined good music, with a bit of food and drinks, some memorable photos and a lot of happiness. I think this is the recipe for a great party. 
I know that people were a bit surprised at the idea of taking part to an engagement party, and I know they were talking to my parents or to one another, to see how they are supposed to dress, or if there is anything they need to do when they attend the party… Trust me, there is no big deal in this, it is just a way of celebrating a beautiful event, and a chance to announce the “save the date” bit.
We still have two more years to go until the big day, but because we had such a good first engagement party (the one in Ireland is next), I am pretty sure we will have the best wedding ever!

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