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Dear reader,

I actually forgot how this felt. Having a blank piece of paper, holding a pen in my hand, and using my imagination and own words to write something from the heart. I’ve been away on holiday, for about two weeks, back in the 90’s. My best friend wanted to keep me updated with everything that was happening; we didn’t have phone, or email, computers or any other gadgets like that, I think we just started school, so we were seven years old. I received a four pages letter, in a very pretty envelope, with a stamp and postal codes on it. I opened it carefully and started reading.

There were tear drops on the paper, and the ink spread a bit, but the words were still clear, my best friend lost her dog, she was very sad and couldn’t help her tears when she wrote. Then she told me about her first encounter with perfume, so she spread a bit on the paper, I can still feel the smell of it, she stole the bottle from her mom, to impress a boy in school. The letter kept going and her handwriting became more nervous, because she had to finish homework and her parents kept on asking if she is ready so they can check it and help with any questions she had.

I still have a box with all the letters, birthday cards, Christmas and Easter cards… everything. I love reading and going through them, because I know they came from the heart and the feelings they have inside will be there forever. I have written messages from my cousins, with the first letters they learned in school, I have birthday cards received when I was nine or ten years old, I have Easter cards from my grandparents, and Christmas wishes from my friends and family… a huge box full of wonderful memories.

It’s a pity that this “habit” is gone!

Nowadays things aren’t so personal anymore, we forget birthdays, we forget about important events, we don’t actually care about so many things… we just use facebook as a reminder to say “happy birthday” and that’s it. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, because somehow it keeps us close, but it is also keeping us away from each other.

Maybe we can restart writing and save some of this, before it’s gone forever. I’m pretty sure our grandparents will be more than thrilled to receive a card for Christmas, instead of a short phone call…

With love,


Writing a letter

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