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My first Christmas Tag!

I came across Megan’s blog post about Christmas Tags and I thought I should try something new this year. So here goes:

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Home Alone 1 (1990), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) & It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Do you stay in your PJ’s or dress up for Christmas?

Well, I would usually stay in my PJ’s, because it’s more comfortable. But because I used to have a lot of guests back in Romania, I had to dress up a bit. I’ll see what happens this year for my first Irish Christmas!

Do you and your family open gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day?

I would be “Santa” for my family and I would get presents and everything wrapped for them and we would open gifts on Christmas Day, it’s lovely to see all their happy faces and the joy a small thing can bring to a grown up.

Favorite Holiday song?

I just love: The most wonderful time of the year!

Favorite Christmas meal or treat?

I don’t think I have something that I like most, I just believe that if you cook something with love and surrounded by the people you treasure, everything is just delicious. I’m crazy about sweets though, so I love muffins and cupcakes.


What happens on a typical Christmas Eve night in your house?

Christmas Eve brings us all together around the Christmas tree; we would listen to carols and all sorts of Christmassy songs and decorate the house, after that we would have dinner and watch a movie. It’s lovely when all the family gets together, after a long hard year.

Does it snow where you live?

Back in Romania, we have a lot of snow around Christmas and in January and February as well, it is really lovely, we would make a snowman and play with the kids outside and just have long walks in the parks. It’s a nice place, you should go visit Romania around Christmas!

Is your Christmas tree real or a fake?

I prefer the real ones, because I love the smell they leave in the house, it’s so fresh; in Romania, we have one in a pot, so we use it every year and it’s just great!

So, I have answered all the questions, you can do that as well, and you’ll be tagged here, so other people can have access to your blog. Feel free to share your Christmas experience, and consider yourself tagged!

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