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Rich or poor?

A simple bookmark.

There are so many people around you, and yet you feel so alone. There are so many things happening, and yet it seems that nothing special happens to you. Someone won the lottery, someone went on a cruise, and someone bought a car. Others might have gotten engaged, or maybe they have a new member in their family. Even if all of these good things would happen to you, you would still not be happy, you know why?

It’s because you can’t control the hunger for wanting more and more all the time. You can’t settle with what you have and be happy with it, you just have to want more and feel jealous if someone else has a better life (or you might see it as better than yours). Maybe the person that won the lottery has a disease that can’t be cured, and all that money won’t change anything, because it just won’t. Or maybe the ones that went on a cruise decided to get a divorce after it, or the ones that got the car realised that it is not worth it, or that they can’t really afford having it.

There are so many things that can go wrong, and whenever that happens, it seems that the entire world just gives you more and more, to test your abilities to adapt and resolve the situation.

I had some things to do today and I had to travel with a bus from a place to another. I was in the bus for about 40 minutes, I was reading, when a man, about 50 or 60 years of age sat beside me. He had a Kindle and he was reading something on it. He saw my book and a bookmark in my hand, and he just asked me:

“Where did you get that?” I told him that I’ve made it and that I can make one for him or give it to him if he liked it. He was very well dresses, in a suit, with a white shirt, grey tie, very well polished shoes, he had a leather bag, an Iphone and a lot of material things that obviously didn’t make him happy. He was so excited and happy about my small bookmark, he was like a child. He told me that his wife died in a car accident a few months ago. They just bought the car and she wanted to drive to another city, but she didn’t return… They have booked tickets to go on a cruise next summer and they were going to have their first grandchild in January.

So, there are so many things that money can’t buy, we just don’t realise them until they are gone forever. Think about this before you go to bed tonight… Some of us may be poor, some of us may be rich, but I think that the precious gold we have resides within our hearts and the way we express it every day; it is also in our families and friends, and it is worth more than any material thing we can buy (or sell) on this planet.


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