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Sometimes, some people…

Last year, close to this date, 23rd January, I’ve decided to leave my city, Timişoara, in Romania, to come live in Dublin, Ireland. The decision was made for a better future, a happier life and maybe as a challenge to discover something new… I wouldn’t have pictured everything quite this way, but a lot of things happened in the mean time.

Maybe some decisions are taken for all the wrong reasons, and only when you realize you’ve left your comfort zone, you actually figure out what life is all about.

I can be really selfish and self-centered sometimes. I have always been that way, because it was the only way I could actually survive. Now, I am willing to give up everything just to make the people around me feel happy and special. It is the most amazing feeling anyone can experience (although it took me some time to figure this out – that was the selfish part coming out).

There are a lot of reasons why I’ve decided to write this today. I will only mention one, about a friend I had, that encouraged me to go and live my life in another country. That person told me things will be great and that everything will happen exactly as I want it to happen – newsflash: it didn’t!

There were months of pain, suffering and deception, followed by a lovely romance and then happiness and a future marriage. That’s just the short story of everything that happened.

That friend *he or she, it doesn’t matter anymore, told me to go live my life, because it will be worth it. A huge betrayal came from his/her part and then I realized something again.

When a person is too afraid to stand up and make their own decisions, they will try and convince someone else that life is worth living, just because they don’t have the guts to make it on their own… they will try even the impossible to make you take a chance and try to succeed, because they want to be the person in the shadow that will say “I told you so!”…

But if things don’t go according to plan, what happens? They pretend you haven’t even talked to them or asked for their advice, they will vanish in the clouds and just stay aside.

Maybe that makes the difference between friends for life and “just someone I know”.

I’ve learned my lesson, I used to share a lot of information and try to keep all my “friends” close, but the ones that really matter are there, no matter what, not even taking into account the wrong decision or the unhappy moments. They will be there to cheer you up and save you from depression and the river of tears that come along. They will not disappear or betray you.

Be happy if you have friends that don’t judge you and that love you unconditionally!


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