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My dear Timişoara!

The human heart has mysterious ways and sometimes it makes you remember some moments that were stuck somewhere deep inside and then somehow they feel the need to come out; that is when your head is put in motion, just trying to remember all the details so the information would be extremely accurate. So, today I’ve remembered my childhood. I have lived for 26 years in Timişoara, Romania. I won’t say that I am proud of my country, because in many ways I am not, but I will definitely say that my hometown is one great place to live in.

I will not describe its history, I will not go into politics and I won’t say anything about the landmarks, because there is plenty of good information on the internet. I will just say that if you really want to feel closely connected to the city, you have to live in it and let it grab you in.

I grew up on a street very close to the Eastern Train Station (Gara de Est) and close enough to the Green Forest area (Pădurea Verde); a very quiet street, full of lovely neighbours and caring families.

Every single day, after we finished our homework we went outside to play with our friends, we were more than 40 kids that grew up together in that area. We would play games that involved ambition and determination; we would always motivate and help each other. When someone had problems, we would all try to find a solution for it, we even helped each other with our homework; usually the older ones helped the younger ones, just to make sure everyone is settled and ready for the next school day.

Late at night we would play hide and seek and our parents would come out, lay on the side of the road, just remembering their own childhood and then eventually trying to get us back in the house to go to bed. Our grandparents were everyone’s grandparents, because they were always protecting us, making cookies and spoil us. We helped them carry their bags when they returned from the groceries market; we took care of them because they were our family.

We had a place we loved to go, on summer time, ştrandul Progresu’ a pool area that we enjoyed a lot. It was cheap, we had lots of space to hang around, play cards, play ping-pong, volley ball or just enjoy the warm sun and lovely water.

In this photo is the entrance, these gates used to be opened all the time…

Strandul Progresu




On these same streets we learned how to ride a bike, how to roller blade, how to use a skateboard and some of us experienced our first kiss, or had our first crush; it is full of happy memories that will always be like a treasure in our hearts.

We didn’t use facebook, twitter or any other social network to be happy, we just had joy in our hearts and lived our childhood to the fullest. I just wanted to give a short reminder of what that meant to all of us.

Maybe this specific childhood made us who we are today and made us strong, and even though so much time has passed since then, we still stick up for each other and are close to one another, I think that is a treasure we will always keep in our hearts!

 Photo source – google maps

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