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Mom & Dad

It is a bit tricky to start describing your parents. Maybe because sometimes they are not perfect, or maybe because sometimes you are not perfect (because of them); yes, we would always blame them, not us. It is kind of natural, because we consider it a given fact, since the day we were born.

As a baby, if you cry, you get attention, food and kisses; at school, if you get good grades, you probably get spoiled. On your college graduation day they will stand proud beside you. When you get your first job, they will cook a special dinner and give you precious advice for your future career. On your wedding day they will do even the impossible, just to see you glow. When babies come, they will help as much as they can, just because they know exactly what to do or how to react, because they just know… Basically all the important parts of your life involve your parents.

It is also troublesome now and then, because opinions will differ, arguments might start and sometimes because of the age difference someone will lose patience and say hurtful words. Words like that can’t ever be forgotten, but we just know they come in a time when love overflows and one is not able to control what happens next. The love parents give to their child or children is something no one can ever describe, because it is just there, all the time, through the good and the bad.

It has been 365 letters worth of time since I left home. Letters filled with love and hate, happiness and sadness, anger or calm, desperation or cheer, passion or indifference.

All these letters (e-mails better said) were days in my own life, that I’ve written to my parents. It was like my own diary, with events that happened, and now when I look back, I have to say that that diary did a pretty good job, because it has always replied and it always gave me good advice.

That specific diary has my mother and father as co-writers because they understood all the feelings I had and they knew exactly how to encourage me when I was not able to see the good in things (or people). We grew up closer than we were before and just because there is such a big distance between us, the saying “out of sight out of mind” is not applicable here. It is silly, but it’s also true.

Parents will make the impossible happen and they will always be there for you, in any circumstance.


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