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My “online” car collection – part two!

Everyone loves movies, and I am pretty sure a lot of people love cars also.

I always appreciate a good movie and I have watched a lot over the years, but I am really happy when I see high quality cars in them also. My first post about cars in movies included some vintage ones and some really new ones, there wasn’t any specific order and for this post the same rule applies.

This one will include more cars from famous movies and I have to say, I am not 100% sure if I have all the accurate information about all of them, but I am open to suggestions and ideas; because we learn new things every day.

So, the first “award” goes to a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California that appears in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

1961 Ferrari - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

James Bond is famous for his affinity for Aston Martin, so in 2008’s Quantum of Solace he uses a 2008 Aston Martin, although by the end of the first scene the car is wrecked.

2008 Aston Martin - Quantum of Solace

Recently I’ve seen a movie that has caught my attention just because of a 1960’s Pontiac GTO; the movie is 2010 Knight and Day.

1966 Pontiac GTO - Knight and Day

Further on the list is the movie Grudge Match from 2013 which reveals 3 cars I like.

1967 Mustang

1967 Mustang - The Grudge Match

2013 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart - The Grudge Match

and last but not least, 2013 Porsche GT 911

2013 Porsche 911 - The Grudge Match

Another action movie, this time from 2002 is Showtime. Here there is a 1997 Chevrolet Corvette and a 1996 Hummer.

1997 Chevrolet Corvette - Showtime 1996 Hummer - Showtime

Although the next movie is one of the classic romantic ones, I have seen some pretty nice cars in it. 2004 The Notebook presents a 1941 Lincoln Continental

1941 Lincoln Continental - The Notebook

a 1946 Hudson Commodore

1946 Hudson Commodore - The Notebook

and a very nice 1939 red Packard Super Eight.

1939 Packard Super Eight - The Notebook

There has been a bit of controversy about this particular “car”, because some say it is not actually a real car and that it has been built just for the movie, so in 2011 Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows, there is a replica of a 1893 Duryea.

1983 Duryea - Sherlock Holmes 2

A more classy approach has this 1988 Cadillac Brougham in the movie Pineapple Express from 2008.

1988 Cadillac Brougham - Pineapple Express

A legendary movie, everyone has seen at least twice is The Godfather. A huge selection of cars, from Cadillac, Lincoln, Rolls Royce, Pontiac, Dodge, Buick, Chrysler, Chevrolet and many more appear in the 3 movies released.

There is one car I kind of like better, just because it blows up in a very “fashionable” manner, in the first Godfather, from 1972, I am talking about the 1946 Alfa Romeo.

1946 Alfa Romeo - The Godfather 1

And because there shouldn’t be a post without Fast and Furious, the 6th one, from 2013 has a very very nice Dodge.

1970 Dodge Charger Daytona which has been built for NASCAR as I’ve read when I was doing my research, pretty cool, no?

1970 Dodge Daytona Charger - Fast and Furious 6

So, I’ll end my gallery for now and I will probably continue with this “online car collection” soon.

-All the photos are print screens from the movies mentioned (edited by me), so I don’t own them; they are used with the purpose of showing these cars to the public.-

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