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Good teachers!

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see! I have written these words last year and I have decided to talk more about this subject. We often forget about important persons in our lives, not because we want to, but because we get too sucked into routine and what we call existence… We love our parents, our family and friends, but what about the people that helped us when we were in school? What about our beloved teachers?

school kid

We usually start school when we are six or seven years old, and at the beginning we spend about 4 hours a day there. We start learning the basic stuff, like reading, writing, calculating and understanding more of what happens around us. Beside all that, we also learn how to behave and how to react in different surroundings; if we get lucky enough to have a teacher that dedicates his or her spirit and love to us, we learn more than we could ever imagine. They share with us stories and bits of their lives and wisdom, just to show us what can happen and how important the consequences are for each particular action we make. Growing older, we spend more and more time in school and the variety of subjects grows. We extend our horizons and develop our own sense of right and wrong. With the help of our teacher we understand different historical moments, different phenomenons and different chemical reactions – literally and figuratively. Everything gets a new meaning and we always have our teachers beside us.

Even when they give us bad grades, they do it with a reason; they just want us to work harder and try to achieve more. They just try to make us be ambitious and show them that we can do even better next time – but we often don’t see things like that and we get upset for no reason.

Teachers are like our parents, because we normally spend about seven hours or even more in school and it kind of becomes our second home. Good teachers will give you a shoulder to cry on when you fail, but will also be extremely proud of you when you succeed and achieve what you want. A lot of the teachers I had are still in my life, because they understood exactly how I was and they helped me along my journey in life. I often asked them for advice and I have always felt proud to say that they were the ones that guided me when I started building my future career and future life.

The things I have learned from them are countless, and the only things I would like to say is that their passion and love for children is still there and I can still see that every day. In a world where a lot of “plastic” role models destroy the life of kids (I am talking about everything starting from cell phones, TVs to all the fake stars and celebrities) there still is hope that some of them go to school to actually learn and enjoy the wisdom their teachers have to share.

Respect for all the “parent-teachers” out there that still believe in children and their capacity to be good and intelligent!


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