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Chivalry is not dead (yet)

We often blame the parents for not educating children properly. They don’t have time to talk to them or take care of them anymore. But some mothers and fathers really deserve a lot of respect and gratitude.

I had to do some shopping today and I had about 4 bags full of groceries, water bottles and some other stuff. I have to admit they were a bit heavy. As I got to the corner of my street, there were some 5 or 6 year olds playing football. They saw me and they stopped to let me pass and suddenly one of them asked:

“Ma’am can I help you? Is that heavy?”

I have to admit, at first I was stunned, because this has never happened to me before and I turned around and smiled. I was exhausted so I said yes.

He took his small bike that was close and he took all my bags and put them on it.

He was so proud and he looked so happy that I accepted his help. He told me that his father told him always to help ladies and women, because a good deed will always be repaid sooner or later. He told me that whenever he can he helps old ladies cross the street and he helps his grandma with her shopping. After all of these he told me that he has good grades in school that is his reward from God for being so kind to everyone.

Honestly, I have to say his parents did a pretty good job. He walked me to my door and I gave him a chocolate I had in the bags. At first he refused but then he told me:

“My friends will love this; I will take it, thanks!”

Even at that point he thought about others and wanted to share with his friends.

James, I just wish more children could be like you.

So, today I remembered that my brother and I always helped the old ladies from our street with their shopping bags, and they always took care of us, whenever they could; we received pancakes and cookies – I miss those days. All the children from my childhood street were raised like that and we always help anyone in need.

Maybe children and grown-ups can learn that good deeds never killed anyone.

You can actually feel better if you give someone a helping hand!

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