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A chance?

A life of routine. Waking up a 6 a.m. every morning, taking a shower, having a coffee, taking the kids to school, going to work, doing extra hours, coming back home, have dinner, watch a movie and fall asleep. Next day, repeat process. Do this for more than 30 years and you will have Dean’s life.

Two great children, an intelligent hard-working wife and no free time.

Routine has both of them trapped and they are heading towards 50 years of age now.

It is a bit tragic if you think about it. No holidays, no future plans, nothing to look up to. Just work to pay the bills and make sure the children have the comfort they need.

What was the point of all the education and extracurricular activities in school? What was the point of getting involved in humanitarian causes and all that?

It doesn’t even matter, because your CV is well under a pile of old stuff that no one ever looks at.

Remember how happy you were when you finished school, applied for the job and you got the call? Where did all that go?

Dean has all this questions in his head, but he is too tired to make a stand or do something about it. He just knows that at the end of the month, he has to pay for gas, electricity, car insurance, and a lot of other small bits that manage to empty his pockets.

Dean never considered himself to be a lucky person, but one day he found 5 cents on the ground. He wouldn’t even have the opportunity to walk around much, because he was in his car most of the time. But that day, his car was at the service for some checks. And he took the bus instead. Having such a weight on his shoulders he was looking down instead of walking straight and proud, so the 5 cents just shined and caught his attention.

He thought that it must be some sort of sign and he decided to buy a scratch card. He didn’t believe in chances, good luck or faith. But he had a hunch that something might happen to him.

The scratch card showed him that he won a free one, and he asked the man in the shop to give him another one and he put it in his pocket, to give it to his wife and tell her that he won something that day.

He felt proud in a certain way and he forgot about the entire event.

Work caught him and it was a long hard day, by the time he got home, the only thing he wanted was to eat something and go to bed.

Next day was Saturday and he went with all his family to visit some close friends. They had a barbeque and some drinks. Nothing much, just a bit of relaxation for the weekend, so he totally forgot about the scratch card in his pocket.

Weeks passed and eventually his wife wanted to wash his jacket, it was about 7 a.m. and Dean was ready to go to work. She emptied his pockets and found the scratch card. They both laughed and then he told her what happened to him that day.

They took a 10 cents coin and scratched it…. and as you can guess, their lives changed instantly. The amount of money was insane for what they actually believed was possible. 10.000 euro on a small note, that looked like a business card. They couldn’t believe that was happening to them.

Dean started crying and the kids came downstairs. They were shocked and amazed by this.

What happened next is a totally different story… but just think about this: how many times did you actually pass a great opportunity or a life changing one?

It isn’t always about the money – although they have a great weight in everything that we do on a day to day basis. If he wouldn’t have taken the bus, he wouldn’t have had the chance to change his route and just try something different.

As we all know, it is always the small things that count. It is always the small steps that make a huge difference.

Try it sometime… who knows what might happen?

– to be continued –

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A chance!


3 thoughts on “A chance?

  1. 10 000 euros… managed to pay a year of mortgage, back to square one :))
    But seriously… the message is nice. And I enjoyed the read.

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