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Dean and his family have won a 10.000 euro prize on a scratch card, and now they have to decide how to spend the money.

Because Dean has always been the kind of person that would make plans for everything, he has come up with a list of different things that need to be covered in the future.

So, they would have to pay the mortgage, they would have to pay different taxes and maybe do some small repairs to the house, and all of these would be about 8.000 euro. They are able to save the money and pay one by one, or they can pay everything at once, now that they have the extra cash. They will still have 2.000 euro to put aside, and save for dark times or for whatever might arise. They might even get a new TV or something that they weren’t able to get before. It is always a plus that they saved and didn’t overspend money.

Now, the other option would be to let things follow their course and just take some time off, and use some of the money to go on a holiday. They have always wanted to go somewhere together but they could never afford to. How about going somewhere close to the sea and enjoy some sunny days and get some tan? Or maybe go skiing and have some fun as a team? A bit of free time, away from all the routine, stress and nerves is always a good plan. They really need some time together as a family because they haven’t been so close lately since everyone was distracted by their own daily activities.

Of course, now comes the question. Which one would you chose? What would you do with all this money?

  1. Pay our debts and just go on with life


  1. Go on a holiday and enjoy some time off?

 Looking forward to hearing your choices.


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