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One year!

Time and time again you make a decision that will affect your life. It is up to the consequences to decide if it was the right or the wrong decision.

Changing your job, moving to a new country, starting a new relationship, finding a new hobby, doing an extreme sport, learning how to speak a foreign language… these are all things that take you out of your comfort zone and make you rethink all the decisions you’ve ever made.

These are the small steps that make you a greater person, just because you have the courage to try and show to yourself that you are actually able to handle a situation you’ve never encountered before.

Somehow, writing is in the same category… because you start expressing good feelings and frustration, or powerful emotions and great sadness, through the written word emphasizing something that makes you who you are.

One year

All the books you’ve read, all the short stories you’ve written for school, all your hidden thoughts, become the basis of what you are able to show to yourself and to the world. Because they become public you have to be sure that they are exactly what you want to leave behind; once they go public, there’s no way back.

A lot of hard work, focus and a great ability to handle an abundance of words that just pop into your head makes you a good writer. Even if you just write letters to your friends and family, the single fact that you managed to put everything together and express joy or sorrow, makes you better than all the others that don’t even try.

The written word started losing its power over the years, because of all the movies, soap operas, comedy sitcoms and other programmes that just seem to take over literature and the greatness of reading or writing… It is a shame, because books have such a great sensibility and they can make you fly to places you’ve never seen or imagined before; they can attract you to a different world where everything is possible.

I just wish more people start appreciating the value of books and what they give us.


To sum this up, I am really grateful that my blog has one year today and I have to say I’ve met so many great writers and encountered so many new possibilities that just opened new doors for me. It is great to be appreciated, even if you just started in this magical world of writing. There is still a long road ahead, but with the proper help and support, I will eventually make it, just look how far I’ve come.

To all the readers out there, keep up with what you’re doing and remember that books are more valuable than any other investment you might make.


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