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Baby on the way!

There are a lot of feelings a person might feel in a lifetime. The love you have for your parents, brothers or sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, basically the warm feeling your family gives you, it’s an emotion that’s there, all the time, no matter what happens.

Then you meet friends for whom you have a new kind of feeling, it is also called love, but it is different. It can change depending on circumstances and sometimes it might even fade away if the person disappoints you. This love can also last a lifetime, if you meet the right kind of people who can truly understand who you are.

Eventually you meet the love of your life and then everything changes. All the feelings you’ve previously had transform into something more profound, they become something that gives you courage and somehow makes you realize what love actually is.

The result of this kind of love creates a small miracle… and today this is exactly what I’m going to talk about: the miracle of life!

Women are the only ones who can feel this and believe me, we are truly lucky to be able to be the ones giving birth to a child.

I’ll start with the beginning, the part no one talks about. There are the first few days after your first positive pregnancy test, when you don’t know exactly what’s happening. There is still a bit of doubt, a lot of happiness and a lot of fear altogether. You don’t really know what to expect and what to do next. You’ve probably told your partner, but you don’t have the courage to tell anybody else. You make an appointment and go to your doctor, just to make sure. Your heart is racing and the adrenaline levels are over the roof and then you finally hear it: “Congratulations, you are expecting a baby!

Believe me, these words will literally change your life… forever!

The first three months are a bit tricky, especially if you’re having your first child, all the morning sickness, sleepiness and dizziness might make you go just a bit crazy; but once you start your next trimester, things change and you can actually say you’re starting to “glow”… By now, everyone knows about your pregnancy and the next obvious question is “are you having a boy or a girl?”

Some people like to keep this a secret, some don’t want to know until the baby is born, and some just find out and make plans after that… it is entirely up to the parents to decide what they want to do. And it is also up to them if they want to share the news with everybody else or not!

The second trimester is brilliant, just because you can actually see your baby’s human form, the little face, tummy, small arms and legs, and even the tinny little heart and brain… it is absolutely amazing! Also, you start feeling small kicks, at first they are like butterflies in the stomach and they are very mild… you can feel them only in the inside and soon the kicks become more powerful and eventually the future daddy can feel them too. This gives the fathers the first real feeling that they are going to be parents soon, and trust me, the faces they make when they first feel the kicks are awesome. That’s when their paternal instincts emerge and they become even more excited than the future mother.

Knowing that a small human being is growing inside of you is something nobody can take away and it actually makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever been. It is like a small magic act that creates the miracle of life. There aren’t enough words to describe all the emotions and changes happening, but one thing is certain… it is something divine!

So, for all the future mothers out there, enjoy your pregnancy and don’t forget how amazing you are!

Baby coming soon

P.S. For more posts about pregnancy and motherhood, check my “Letters to my child” Category!

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