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Letter to my child – part one…

There are so many things you would want to teach your child; especially because you remember the education your own parents gave you. Since I found out I was pregnant, I started reading books, blogs and different articles on the internet, just to make sure I’m not going to miss anything when I will tell my child about the world.

But then, I realized something a bit scary. Over the past 25 years things have changed so much, mostly in a bad way, that you can’t actually give a lot of great examples to someone… and then you eventually start to wonder what will the future bring for your own child?!?


So, I’ve started a letter that might make my child appreciate some things more. It’s a letter that will eventually write itself, because everyday I add more sentences to it and I really believe my beloved child will treasure it as much as I loved writing it.

Here it is:

My dear child,

26 years have passed since I became part of this world and I have to say, things really have changed a lot. The first seven years of my life were extremely important, because my own parents (your grandparents) gave me my first lessons about life. I was thought to always respect and treasure the elderly, because they are like gold and they will always be by our side, whenever we need advice or help. I was lucky enough to live with my parents and grandparents in the same house, so I’ve heard a lot of stories and anecdotes about past times and about history, religion and other changes that have happened. I also had my other grandparents in a small village, where I used to spend my summer holidays, so I was double lucky, just because I got spoiled twice. In that village I’ve learned how to appreciate all nature’s wonders, and appreciate all the work people do in farms and on the field. It is quite impressive to see how from a very small seed, you can grow an amazing plant that can feed a family.

Living in a city had its ups and downs, but once you understand exactly how things work, you adjust to it and let it grab you in. I grew up in a very friendly neighbourhood, surrounded by a lot of great people. No matter how tired or upset they were, they would always stop and chat to each other for a bit, they always stood by each other and managed to make our street a very pleasant place to live in. We were about forty children there, we learned the same valuable lesson from our parents and grandparents and we stood by one another, supported and helped each other whenever we could. It all came from our parents, who told us some “rules” that basically stuck to us for our entire life:

  • Try to help an older person cross the street, it might be someone’s grandparent and you would want other people to do the same for yours, wouldn’t you?
  • If you see someone carrying a heavy luggage, go help them, a helping hand is always needed and treasured…
  • Do not bully or discriminate other children, just try to consider and see all of them in the same way and do not judge them because of the clothes they are wearing or because of how they behave, you don’t know what has happened in their life, be kind and understanding and that’s what you’ll get back!
  • Share toys and sweets with other children, it is not polite to eat something in front of them and make them feel bad they can’t afford to buy it.
  • Help other kids with their homework, or just discuss ideas with them you never know what you might discover.
  • Respect people who are older than you and show appreciation to the valuable lessons they might teach you, they’ve already been through a lot, so there’s no need to be rude to them.
  • Always greet when you enter or leave a room and remember to always say “thank you” when someone helps you with something.

These are just some of the first pieces of advice that I want you to always remember and I know each child from my generation has heard these golden rules at least once in their lifetime.

Going to school was something different. There you had other boundaries and you had to get used to them. We knew that the teachers are the people we had to respect and look up to, because they were the ones that would give us a bit of introduction into what’s happening around us and make us understand how everything works. The teachers we had, back in the days, were the ones that gave us the inspiration and helped us step into the world. They were really good with us, just because they didn’t try to force us into studying or reading too much, but they had a way of making us curious for more and we just craved for more and more information. We learned to treasure books because they were like a door to the past, like a passage way to someone’s ideas and like a step closer to understanding something we didn’t know well enough.

Teachers would always encourage us to be better persons and they supported everything our parents taught us in the first seven years, spent at home.

So, we were lucky enough to have two families, the one at home and the one at school; and that’s how we managed to grow into respectable adults.

 – To be continued –

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4 thoughts on “Letter to my child – part one…

  1. What a lovely post – I couldn’t agree more things have changed so much but the “basics” should be something that all children are taught by their parents. Thank you for linking up with #FlashbackFriday xx

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