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Letter to my child – part four…

This might be a more sentimental post because I’ve witnessed so many negative changes lately and I believe there are parts of our life that need to be reconsidered and maybe fixed or changed… There are tiny bits that aren’t the same any more, and it’s a shame, because they used to be the things that made our society better and that somehow gave everyone the hope that things will get better in the end…

So, today I’ll just explain a few things…

– part 4 of the letter –

Friendship is a sacred thing. I’m saying this because family is a given, but you can choose your friends, so do that wisely. As you pass through your life, you’ll meet all sorts of people, but the ones that are called “friends” are the ones that will stick with you for a very long time.

Nowadays, people have become shallower, focusing and depending a lot on the internet, on social media and other communication channels, that just inevitably ruin the human connections… maybe that’s why, for some of them, friendship isn’t important any more. They won’t stick up for one another and they won’t devote their love, loyalty and trust to another human being. It is a shame, because that’s how marriages fail as well.

People, back in the days, used to get married and used to love one another. If they had fights, they would find ways to surpass them and still be close and deal with the sorrow, pain or deception.

Now, at the first sign of weakness, they just separate, end up divorced and miserable. They don’t see the purpose in sticking up for another human being, and their own ideals and beliefs are more important than common sense and respect. It is a sign of selfishness, and it is the result of all the social networks that instead of bringing people together, just tears them apart.

Even children don’t play any more, they just don’t enjoy the small things in life. When I was growing up, I had about forty kids in my neighbourhood, and we used to go out and play, every single day. That’s what helped us adapt in a society, because we were all different, but we somehow managed to love each other and deal with everything that happened. We had fights, we had laughs, we had good days and bad days, but we still found a way to be there, and now, almost 20 years later, we are still friends!

children friendship

Hide and seek, roller skating, football, badminton and all sort of made-up games strengthened us, and developed a sense of competition between us, or conversely a gentlemanly one. We worked as a community and we cared about other people’s opinions and feelings.

Unfortunately, nowadays, things aren’t like that any more… basically, it’s everyone for themselves and that’s just it. Setting up a goal is a good thing, but forgetting where you started from, when you reach the top, isn’t how things should be.

I’m not saying there aren’t good people left out there, but unfortunately they are very few, and they have to fight their way through all the bad things, bad habits and bad ideas that are out there. Let’s just hope they will win the fight, so you and future generations will have a nice place to grow up in and in that way set up an example to everyone surrounding you.

– to be continued –

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Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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