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Letter to my child – part five…

When you start writing about your past, about your family and friends and about all the important moments in your life, you actually figure out how many things have changed throughout the years.

It is very hard to define all the moments that made you who you are and it is also extremely complicated to pick the ones that would actually mean something or change something for your own child.

So, this next part of the letter is about school and how things have changed…

– part 5 of the letter –

I’ll describe some of the things past generations had, that you will not need because years have passed over them and they are not useful any more.

We used to have chalkboards either black or dark green and we used to write with real chalk on them. We had white, for normal writing and we also had colours if we had to underline something. It was a real experience and we loved it, although we had to clean the blackboards after that and the sponges would leave marks that were difficult to erase.


We used to make covers for our books and textbooks. There were plastic ones that you could buy out of a shop, but then there was the cheaper way of wrapping them in white or brown paper and put sticky labels on them.

Brown paper textbook and sticky label

We used to write with pencils, especially in the first grades, until we got used to pens. And we also used pencil sharpeners and eraser gums, which had different colours and shapes.

eraser gums

We used to have ink bottles and blotting paper, because sometimes the pens would leave marks and we had to make sure everything was dry on the notebooks, otherwise we would have stains all over (and we did, all the time).

Ink bottle, blotting paper and old pen

We used to have floppy disks, instead of CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray and all the other stuff you can find nowadays. We used to save pictures and files, no bigger than 1.44 MB capacity.

Floppy disc

Surprisingly, we didn’t have Google search back then, and we used to go to the library to borrow books and search for the information we needed. All the books had a list glued at the back, where we could see when the book was used (it was like going back in time).

Library book due-date

We used to have really weird looking school bags; they were like huge boxes where we had all out notebooks, books and writing utensils. They were pretty heavy…

Old school bag

I suppose some things turned out to be better, and some of them were just lost and they will never come back.

One thing is forgotten though… we used to respect our teachers, colleagues and parents. We were always careful and we studied hard, because we didn’t want to disappoint our families. Our report cards were like a mirror, with grades that showed how much we worked and studied and we treasured that, especially because if we managed to do well, we made our parents proud and that really mattered.

– to be continued –

P.S. For more posts about pregnancy and motherhood, check my “Letters to my child” Category!

Photo sources: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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