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Romanian Food!

It’s Sunday, it’s autumn and it’s a normal relaxing day. That’s why I’ve decided to talk a bit about food.

Most of you already know that I’m Romanian, so I will just give you a taste of the Romanian foods everyone loves.

Because Romania has had a lot of conquerors that have put their mark on our culture and legacy throughout history, the dishes have different influences too, so you can’t really say they are 100% Romanian. I believe that’s a very good thing, because it allows you to be inspired and always come up with something new and original while cooking.

We have a lot of traditional foods that are representative and that give your taste buds a new perspective about food, so here goes… If you’re interested in the recipes after you read this you can contact me and I will gladly help.

Sarmale – or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: this would be the most popular dish for Christmas time and for different special occasions, like weddings or other very big celebrations. It is cooked almost the same in the entire country with sour cabbage and meat, but some regions might add some “secret” ingredients, just to make it tastier. It is served with sour cream and polenta.

SarmalePhoto source

Salată de vinete – or Eggplant (Aubergine) Salad: it is a very tasty salad with eggplants, onion and home-made mayo, mainly served as an appetizer and it’s delicious combined with salty cheese and tomatoes.

Salată de vinetePhoto source

Salată de Boeuf – Boeuf Salad: a mixture of vegetables, meat and home-made mayo. It is extremely easy to make and it will make you want more and more every time you get a bite.

Salată de boeufPhoto source

Ciorbă de perişoare – Sour Meatball Soup: this is a very commonly cooked soup with vegetables and small meatballs, it is delicious and it’s mainly served when all the family gets together to celebrate. It is served with sour cream and spicy paprika.

Ciorbă de perişoarePhoto source

Ciorbă de burtă – Tripe soup: this is a soup meant for people that love challenges and new ideas. At first it might not impress your eyes, but trust me, it will impress your stomach. If you eat a bowl of this soup you won’t need anything else.

Ciorbă de burtăPhoto source

Ardei umpluţi – Stuffed peppers: considered to be a second dish, it is normally cooked in autumn, but obviously, it depends on everyone’s preferences. Some people stuff the peppers with meat and vegetables, some use mainly mushrooms and other vegetables as stuffing, both of them are equally delicious.

Ardei umpluţiPhoto source

Zacuscă de vinete cu ardei – Eggplant and pepper paste: I have to say, this is my husband’s favourite Romanian dish. It is cooked in very big pots, and then put into jars and kept for winter time. You just spread it on bread and enjoy the flavours.

Zacuscă de vinetePhoto source

Mici – Sausages: I don’t really know how to translate this dish, simply because it is a mixture of beef, pork and sometimes sheep meat. This dish is cooked on the grill or the barbeque and it is served with mustard and bread; perfect for a summer outdoor picnic.

MiciPhoto source

Drob de miel – Lamb Haggis: this meal is normally eaten at Easter. It is very common in Romania and people simply love it. In some areas, instead of lamb, women would use pork or beef. It is still very good and savoury.

Drob de mielPhoto source

Papanaşi – Doughnuts: the translation might not be accurate, because I couldn’t find the equivalent for this extremely tasty dessert (my favourite). The recipe consists of sweet cow cheese mixed with flour and other ingredients. After cooking, it is served with a jam, like strawberry or blueberry and sour cream. Believe me, you have to try it at least once.

PapanaşiPhoto source

Now, I believe I’ve made you hungry… As I’ve said at the beginning of this post, if you’re curious about the recipes, I can help you. There are many more Romanian dishes, but these are the ones that I truly recommend to everyone.


See you soon!


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