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Baby is here!

9 months, 40 weeks or as you might consider it, more than half a year… that’s how you can measure time wise, how a pregnancy evolves. In real life, there is no actual measure for what happens and what you feel. Words can’t really describe in an accurate manner all the changes and all the magic that is felt by a future mother.
From day one, after your first positive pregnancy test, you start making changes, even if you don’t really see them as changes. You are more careful with what you eat, how much water you drink and you start considering eating more fruits and having more vitamins. Then, as you get bigger, or as your pregnancy evolves, you buy more comfortable clothes and shoes, just to make sure everything is ideal for the proper development of the child.You go to the doctor more often, to check your blood pressure, you go for scans and all sorts of other medical stuff, trying to keep an eye on your health.

You start thinking more about the consequences of your actions, should you be running around all day, working and doing stuff until you collapse? Or should you take your time and actually figure out what is a priority and what isn’t. It really is a lot of small bits and pieces that come together and make you aware of what the future will bring; this stage really helps you reorganize everything in a good way.

Then parenting kicks in, you want to create a perfect nest for you little one, so you start buying things, a small bed, nursery stuff, clothes and bottles, baby oil, baby wipes and things you weren’t even aware of before all this started.

Now, you might think this is over, but then you have to get your hospital bag ready, because it has already been eight months and you start wondering where did they go?!? I don’t think anyone could give a proper answer to that.

Apart from all the baby madness, you realize that there will be certain things you might not be able to do when the little miracle comes into your life, so you actually manage to take some time off for yourself.

Read a book, go for a walk on the beach or in the park, take your partner out for the day or even cook something nice for him. He will also do the same thing for you and surprise you, because he knows that hormones and emotions make you behave differently; it is really helpful to bring your partner with you and explain all the things you’re going through, he will certainly have a different perspective after 9 months.

Then, without even blinking, you are rushed to the hospital because your contractions are just one minute apart and the pain is not bearable any more… after a few hours of a somewhat torture, a few nasty words addressed to your partner and some very “polite” sentences said to your attending doctors, you hear it.

The most powerful, sweet and innocent sound anyone could hear. Your baby’s first cry, the first breath of air and the first sigh… trust me, it is something you will never ever forget, even though pain, tiredness and adrenaline are still disturbing you. Then you see a bunch of doctors doing stuff, checking the baby and then you get to see her/him for the first time… Here, words are pointless, because such a feeling doesn’t have appropriate words that could give an accurate description.

Baby toes

It is like all the love, all the magic, all the wonderful things you could ever imagine take a human shape and form into that tiny little human that lies hers/his little head on your chest. You just feel how your entire body relaxes and all the pain and discomfort of labour go away and the only thing that matters in that very instant is you and the baby. Then you see your partner’s eyes and all the love coming from him, and you just know you are having your perfect moment, something you might not feel again, just because it is so unique and powerful.

I have heard a lot of things about pregnancy, delivery and what motherhood means, I have listened to all the mothers I know, even my own, but no one has ever told me how truly unbelievable this actually is. And as days go by and you discover all the faces, all the laughters and the cries your baby has, you just realize that you’ve received a gift, that no one can actually understand, just because it is a unique bond that you and your little one share.

Your life really changes and the connection with your partner becomes stronger and stronger and the fact that you both have to take care of a little human being makes you special and purely amazing.

P.S. For more posts about pregnancy and motherhood, check my “Letters to my child” Category!

Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest


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