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A Simple Life – part 3

Some of you might be aware of the short story I’ve started some time ago.

If you want to read the first two parts, just click the links and enjoy the read:

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Today, I’ll continue with the rest of it.

As I feel before every important meeting or event, I can’t really fall asleep. I look at my watch from time to time and it is suddenly 3 a.m., after a while it is 4 a.m. and I decide to finally get out of bed. I pack a jacket, my laptop and I decide to bring my camera, just in case I see something nice. Oh, there is also a book I can read on the plane, so I can save some time and not let it go to waste. The excitement gets me and I actually feel extremely happy about my decision. I haven’t had such a feeling in ages.

I go to the airport, just on time, as I always do, planning everything ahead so I won’t be late. The airport is really fussy and loud, I kind of like this busy environment. I check-in and head to the security point. I take off my belt, my boots and take out my laptop and camera from the bag. There are no problems and I pass safely to the other side. I buy a coffee from the airport and I wait patiently for my flight to appear on the board.

Why did I ever decide to leave the office? What if they can’t manage without me, what if they screw up the contracts or mess up some of the clients. Maybe I should call and check, see if everything is ok. Wait, it is just 6:30 a.m. no one’s there yet. I am such a mess; I can’t stop thinking about work, even when I am trying to have a relaxing day. It is like a poison that can’t be taken out from my rusted body.

I finally board the plane and guess who I’m sitting next to?  Remember the old man in the bus, the happy person? The same shoes, the same fancy hat, even his smile, it is exactly the same. I can’t believe that faith has put him right beside me. I smile and say ‘Hello’. He greets me back and he actually looks really comfortable being around me. My head has a million questions for him, I don’t really know why, maybe I just want to figure out his secret or know how come he manages to smile so much.

He somehow guesses that I want to ask him something and he starts: ‘I’m going to London for a few days, it is my wife’s death anniversary and I always go there and spend some time at her tomb. It makes me believe that she is watching over me all the time.’

Oh my God, that’s something I wouldn’t have expected to hear. He seems so calm and happy; somehow he is at peace with the idea that he is alone, without his wife.

‘I’m really sorry for your loss.’ That is all I manage to say to him. He looks me in the eyes and I can see they are clear blue, like the sky, they seem to bring peace and although they seem to smile, deep down there is a lot of pain and anger restrained. I actually have shivers down my spine when I think about it. That’s why I always believed that being alone, is better.

‘Don’t be sorry, we lived our life together, we were extremely happy and then, God had a greater plan for her and I know He wanted her there for something extraordinary. She is always by my side, in the books I read, because I know that each knight in shining armour is me, trying to save my princess and be together with her again. It is my own way of staying alive and not getting caught up in the routine and the disappointment that comes from a dull day. I can actually re-live our love story all over again, through all the books I read and I believe that is great, don’t you?’

I don’t really have an answer to that and I simply nod. It is strange how similar we think of books, but how different we actually perceive them. This strikes a sensitive cord in my heart and tears start forming in the corners of my eyes. I need a hug, I really need someone to be there for me and understand how lonely and scared I am. My life has been too long of a journey and I didn’t share it with anybody. I didn’t even celebrate my successes or make a big deal out of winning huge amounts of money.

My life was pointless and I needed someone to tell me that.

‘You have no idea how much your words mean to me.’

He just looked at me and then got back to his book, still smiling; he is probably meeting his wife again there and he wants to be left alone.

I suddenly feel like I’m suffocating and that I need air and that I need to be close to my family again. I miss them all so much, why did I get so distant with them? Why?

As soon as I land in London I’ll call them and let them know how much I care about them. My heart is racing and my eyes are full of tears now, I haven’t cried since I was about 7 and I’ve hit my elbow falling off the bike.

All my life I’ve lived a lie, surrounded by my own walls and fiction that I’ve created, without even considering that love can take different shapes and can be measured in more than just “soulmates love”. How silly I was and how many mistakes I’ve made.

I just hope people can forgive me and accept me back in their life; I have to earn their love again and show them that I’m actually able to commit to an emotional relationship again.

So, just a simple coincidence has changed my entire perspective about life and made me see clearly that my ideas about life and love were totally wrong. I have somehow wasted precious moments thinking that love is just about finding a person that can complete you. But it is actually about all the persons that can help you to become who you are. It is also about the persons that surround you every day without even wishing they were somewhere else. Love really exists, and it is everywhere, I was just too blind and cold to accept it in my life…

Now I have to start reorganizing my life and make sure I do a better job…


Question: Are you interested in knowing what happens next? If YES is your answer, please leave a comment below. Thank you!



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