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A very short “Love Letter”…

The simple fact that I love you is not part of my own qualities.

It is purely your own. Because you are so… lovable.

Love - heart

For me, the best compliment in the world is… seeing your big smile when you get home and kiss me, even if you had an extremely busy day at work and you have no more energy left. In that very minute, I know you are all mine and nobody else matters.

The best compliment is when you hold me in your arms, when we go to bed at night, and kiss my forehead, just to let me know that you respect me with all your heart.

The best compliment is when you tell me what troubles you, what happened in work or any other thing you just want to share with me; that’s how I know I’m your confidant and you trust me unconditionally.

The best compliment is when you say “thank you, dinner was lovely”, because I know you truly appreciate everything I do for you and that’s why you do everything for me too.

This love is all made of little things that add up to being a lot. Sometimes you just have to change everything in your life, just to get it all back… and when you get it back it’s even better than it was in the beginning.

Love truly is a magical feeling!

Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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