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The Telephone…

There are certain things in life that change… things that will never come back in style and things that will eventually be forgotten…

I just had an epiphany and today I’m going to talk about the telephone… This is something my little baby won’t use. The normal telephone, the landline old generations know. It is not because I won’t allow it. It’s because it’s not used anymore.

The landline had a round thing in the middle, and whenever you dialled a number, you had to go all around with it, and then it would run back and you had to make sure you got the number right… otherwise you had to start the process all over again.

old telephone

When I was a kid, we used to have phones that looked like this:baby telephoneThey had songs and we could learn the alphabet and how to count to ten… now kids have other gadgets that don’t really teach them anything. They just make them addicted somehow.

I remember when I first started talking on the phone (the landline), I was about 8 or 9 and I used to talk to my grandparents, who live in a small village, where they had just one phone and we had to call once, let the woman know who we were and she would go for my grandparents who lived across the street. So, we were supposed to call again after about thirty minutes, just to give them enough time to reach the phone.

It was truly difficult to get them to use a mobile phone, a couple of years ago. They didn’t really understand why we had to change their routine and old habits.

Then, as I grew older, I started calling my cousins and my friends and we would spend hours on the phone… I got my first big punishment because of that. The phone bill was huge, because I’ve spent more than 3 hours talking to my cousin about our summer holiday. (I was home alone, that’s why they couldn’t prevent the situation) 🙂

We used to have phone boots which needed small phone cards. I used to collect all the cards, because they had different landmarks on them, or statues or pictures with cars. They were pretty cool and I used to check all the phone boots on my way to school, just to find used cards, to grow my collection.

Telephone Phone card

And then, in the 10th grade I got my first mobile phone… and that was somehow the end of the landline… I suppose it will remain a nice memory (and I’m sure we’ll all remember it somehow)…


I wrote about this because there are things that need to be remembered, just so we know that the world is still evolving (in a good or bad way – we’ll see that in the future)…

Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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