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Being a mother…

I guess no one really knows what will happen when a baby comes into their lives. For every couple it is something purely magical and unique… it gives you a feeling you’ve never had before and it makes you able to love even more.

Although you read a lot of books, blogs or other sources of information, although your parents, grandparents and friends give you advice and tell you what can happen… you don’t really know it.

It’s the baby’s first cry that makes you aware of the fact that there’s a tinny person who depends totally on you… a person that needs protection and comfort and that you’re the only one who can provide it. I remember her first vaccine… I was ready to kill the nurse because she made my little girl cry (don’t worry, the nurse is fine!)

It’s the baby’s first smile that changes your world… You have no idea how happy I was when she first smiled at me… I thought my heart will burst and I was so proud, because she has a gorgeous smile – poor daddy, he’s gonna have a lot of issues because of that particular smile.

baby love

When my little one had a fever, I realized that no matter how little sleep I had, I could still go on for hours, just to make sure she is better… 48 hours mean nothing… who needs sleep anyway? If it would be possible, I wouldn’t actually sleep at all, just because I don’t want to miss a thing. She makes funny faces, she laughs, she giggles, she moves her little arms and legs, she is curious… there are so many things a parent would do… this actually makes you respect your own parents even more… just because now you know what they’ve been through.

After spending so much time with your little baby, when you close your eyes, you can see all her features… the beautiful rosy cheeks, the delicate line of her jaw, her tinny ears, the little nose… the gorgeous dimples she makes when she smiles, her amazing big eyes with long eyelashes… it’s like a little porcelain doll, with perfect features!

It’s the first time your baby holds your finger when you realize that she knows who you are… she understands you are there to love and protect her and she looks for you whenever she needs something… I can’t wait for her to be able to talk and tell us what she wants – now we are just guessing and going with what’s natural assumptions (hunger, sleep, basic needs)…

After a while, you get so used to her cries and giggles, that even when she’s asleep and you have a very fast shower, you hear her and you panic and you rush to her bed, just to see that she is fast asleep… believe me, doing this is part of the daily routine, you can’t really control those instincts and you have to check if the baby is fine.

Oh, you’ll have a huge smile on your face when you’ll remember that at first you thought that two hands are not enough… now cooking, cleaning and all other house activities are done with one hand… the other one is holding the child. It’s pretty impressive how you adjust to it all… (I still need to learn how to wash the dishes with one hand… work in progress) 🙂

Being a parent is amazing… knowing that a little person is part of this world just because of you is something magical! Making sure that your baby will be well taken care of and loved unconditionally is part of the job description… and you wouldn’t want to do it any other way… your world really changes and the centre of everything is the little one!

You learn everything as you go and you adapt to every situation… in the end it becomes something you’re really good at… and that means you’re up to the challenge!

love babe


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Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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