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Having a baby means less sleep, that’s for sure! It means black bags under your eyes from time to time… it means that your coffee intake increases or even doubles (if you’re not breastfeeding)… it means you’ll listen to lullabies over and over again until you get sick of them… it also means you won’t have much free time or alone time… but wait, there’s more!

It also means you can be a child again… You can read all your favourite Disney stories, you can relive your youth with all the princesses and fairy tale creatures…

Disney books

You can buy all the toys, stuffed animals or any other thing without being judged… It is fantastic how many things you can find now – I wish I had access to so many toys when I was a baby…

Stuffed toys

You can make funny faces, weird sounds and laugh as much as you can, because your baby will love it and she will try to do the same, it is amazing how fast they imitate everything they see…

baby face

Best part… when baby sleeps, you can sleep… so, hello afternoon naps!!!

mom & baby nap

And of course, you can watch all the cartoons you want, all day long… you are allowed to, and baby will love all the colours, sounds and songs… be childish again, it is great!


So, go embrace your second childhood!

P.S. For more posts about pregnancy and motherhood, check my “Letters to my child” Category!

Photo source: Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Child-ish!

  1. I love your story! 🙂 Somehow I have never imagined it like this. By the way, you described it so magically, so beautifully that I think I want a baby pretty soon 🙂

    1. Well, I might just convince you to get married and have babies soon… Everything will happen naturally at some stage, just enjoy every second of it! 🙂

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