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A walk down cartoon lane!

Walking down on memory lane, I’ve stumbled upon some of my favourite cartoons.

It’s been more than twenty years since I’ve actually sat down and watched the cartoons I used to love, so here goes, my top 10 (in random order).

1. Pirates of Dark Water, I was 5 years old when I first saw it on TV and I still love it.

Pirates Of Dark Water – 01 – The Quest

Pirates of Dark Water

2. Another favourite was Captain Planet and I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot from the planeteers and I believe more children should watch it nowadays.

Captain Planet – 1×01 – A Hero For Earth

Captain Planet

3. A classic was The Jetsons. It’s just something about the future that keeps us wondering what will happen next… we still don’t have the flying cars though 😦

Jetsons – 1×01 – Rosey the Robot

The Jetsons

4. Of course, The Flintstones are next. The past, dinosaurs and cars without engines – use feet power!

Flintstones – 1×01 – The Flintstone Flyer

The Flinstones

5. I like bears, they’re just cute and cuddly, so Yogi Bear is on this list too.

Yogi Bear – 01 – Yogi Bear’s Big Break

Yogi Bear

6. There’s just something about this dog… Scooby-Doo, where are you?

Scooby-Doo – 1×01 – What a Night for a Knight


7. The coolest cat of all time, Top Cat.

Top Cat – 01.- Hawaii here we come

Top Cat

8. This list couldn’t be complete without the Looney Tunes:

Looney Tunes – 14 Carrot Rabbit

Looney Tunes

9. Science takes a new form in Dexter’s Lab:

Dexter’s Laboratory – 1×01 – Dee Dee Deemensional – Magmanamamus – Maternal Kombat Ligthing

Dexter's Lab

10. Last but not least, we have Wacky Races, I think that’s when I actually started loving cars so much.

Wacky Races – 01 – See-Saw to Arkansas

Wacky Races

There are a lot more cartoon series out there, but these are still my favourite ones… Which ones did you like?


P.S. For more posts about pregnancy and motherhood, check my “Letters to my child” Category!

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