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What If?!?

Did you ever notice that people seem sad as they walk down the street? They seem worried, they seem agitated and can’t really enjoy anything anymore. I think it’s because most of them are not happy with their lives; some complain about their workplace, others about family or friends, younger individuals would complain about school or colleagues. It is some sort of a circle, called routine, we all embark on and can’t really get out once we start dancing.But what if one day you could make a change that would take you out of the circle and open entirely different options for you?


So, think about this… 24 hours to make a change in your life. A full day, when you can make a small or big change and turn everything around for your future and happiness.

What would you do?

Would you:

  • travel to another country to start from scratch?
  • learn how to cook and make delicious meals, maybe open a restaurant after that?
  • learn how to sing or play an instrument?
  • search for new friends or even a new partner?
  • learn a foreign language that you didn’t have time for before?
  • start a diet and lose weight?
  • change something about yourself? Your attitude towards people, or your perception of them?
  • fix a relationship that was broken and you didn’t fix when it was the right time to do it?
  • look for a cure for a disease that’s affecting you or someone you love?
  • go back to school and do it all over again with what you know today?
  • maybe learn how to fly a plane or drive a bus or a truck?
  • create, invent or start something that would make you proud of yourself?
  • read more books or find time to actually relax?

These are just the first examples that popped into my head based on what I’ve heard from different people (in the bus, on the streets, in shops – during an entire year). I truly believe there’s more to this list, so I’ll come back with some later edits.

The other thing I would ask you now is… what stopped you from doing exactly what you wanted?

Think about those 24 hours that could really change something for you and then figure out how you can actually make it happen. It would be a loss to know that you could have done something and you didn’t because you missed your opportunity based on an excuse.

So, how would you change your life if you could just stop your daily routine for a day?!?


Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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