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People stopped as she walked down the street. Her hair was tied in a beautiful braid, she had flawless make-up that was just perfect for her beautiful face. It was just the right amount that would make her eyes pop out even more, make her lips even more sensual and show a bit of redness in her cheeks.

She wore a beautiful black dress and high heels which helped show her gorgeous body. It was like she was floating, she really wore that dress well.

She knew everyone was watching her, but that didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, just because she knew exactly how she was and she was proud to be so. She wasn’t too skinny, she wasn’t too fat either, she just worked out enough to feel happy about herself (and she loved eating as well). You could just see that she looked healthy and well.

It’s easy to be yourself when you understand how things work and what is the difference between nice and ugly.

Now, I’m no fashion guru, but I’m just going to post some pictures… which will speak by themselves.

Can you imagine the girl I described walking in the “dress” on the left? …


Do you think she would still feel comfortable wearing shoes like the ones on the left?!?


And, would you picture her body as skinny as the one in the left picture?


Honestly, I don’t think any of you could picture an elegant woman looking… like that, could you?

Then, what’s wrong with the world and why do they still promote such things?

I’m just wondering when did “elegant” became “not so elegant?!?

This post is my personal opinion and I do not intend to upset anyone with it. I’ve just seen too many women dressed in some very weird clothes, just because they believe it’s fashionable.

Photo source: Pinterest

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