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Just picture this…

You wake up on a Saturday pretty early in the morning – although you want to sleep more, it’s a habit you can’t control anymore. You make yourself a nice cup of coffee and look outside the window… the town is still asleep, it is extremely quiet and you can see the sun starting to shine gently over the rooftops. You open your window and take a breath of fresh air, the smell of dew, blooming flowers and happiness fills your lungs.

You simply know, in your heart, it’s going to be a good day! So, you forget about all your worries and normal duties and decide to go somewhere, no plans, no ideas, no target. Just get your car and drive on the open road.

You pick a road, a random road and go for it. You put on some nice tunes

which bring a smile on your face and make you sing as loud as you can. It’s just so relaxing and amazing, because you really need a moment like this.

After a while you spot a place that reminds you of your childhood, some tall trees, flowers and an open field, it looks like a fairy tale land. You decide to pull over and just enjoy the view. Feel the sun warm you up, enjoy the colorful flowers and hear the birds chirping… it’s just an awesome feeling, isn’t it? Like everything was created especially for you, for that particular moment – and nothing else matters anymore! You are free and happy!

So, when was the last time you escaped like that?

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