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Inspire or be inspired.

I’m not a writer, I’m not a blogger and I am pretty sure that most of my work could’ve been done better. I don’t really know why I feel the need to write and how words and ideas just appear into my head.

Sitting in the bus going to work I see a very beautiful girl, no make-up on,  wearing jeans and a black leather jacket. She smiles to an old lady and offers her the seat with a very natural and loving look and I just realize that her smile is absolutely gorgeous. Then an idea comes, and I just want to describe the feeling she gave me… the feeling that there still are young and kind children out there. It just takes a smile and a kind gesture to make someone’s day better.

Other days I would walk in the park and see parents with their children. There’s one particular couple I’ve been spotting every Friday afternoon. They go for a picnic in the park. They have a 4 year old boy and they just enjoy being together. Eating sandwiches, laughing and just being happy and normal. Inspiration comes again when I see the look in the parents eyes. They obviously went through a lot, but they still manage to enjoy that picnic, every single Friday. That’s just pure love!

Going shopping could be fun, it could also be boring and it can also be filled with inspiration. Recently I’ve seen a grandmother with her niece looking to buy a dress and shoes for a school event. The niece obviously had very “wrong” ideas about how the dress should be and the grandmother told her “remember, you want to grow up and be a respectable lady, because that’s how people will end up wanting to be around you all the time”… I couldn’t help but smile and think about my own grandmother and the advice she gave me. It’s just the little things that hit you and make you realize how much you’ve changed and grown over the years.

These are just some examples of people and places that simply make me happy and somehow inspire and push me to write… I can’t explain how it happens or why, I don’t even know if it’s a good thing or not… but it’s there, and whenever I feel I have something to share with you, I just write it down…

Are there any more things that inspire me? Well, the answer is obviously YES… it’s the sun, which I rarely see in Dublin, but it surely brings joy when it appears, it’s like giving candy to a child. It’s the stars and moon that don’t “come out” so often, because of the clouds that cover the sky all the time… but I just know they are there. Being in Ireland means wind and rain all the time, that’s inspiring when you realize that people don’t really mind it anymore… it’s just natural. Back in Timisoara, Romania when rain came people looked depressed, here they seem amazed when the sun is out… it’s really some sort of a balance, that’s inspiring too, right?


I suppose it’s all the little things that create connections and make words just seem like living pictures that just have to be written down and kept for a while. Maybe one day I’ll forget what inspired me, but I would always be able to come back and remember how I got here.


Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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