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True love!

Change is a difficult thing for everyone. It affects our daily routine and it might have an impact on the rest of our lives. So, dealing with it can be tricky at times. This might sound a bit out of topic here, but you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Your life hasn’t been very easy, was it? The first time you realized that your love was growing stronger and stronger, day after day… It was the kind of love that couldn’t be shared with anyone and it was burning your heart and soul. It was actually taking the life out of you, just because you always had the impression that “the one” will never show at your door.

Maybe there was a safe place for your love, a way out of the pain and that was in the books you’ve read, they always had a happy ending and somehow love always made it through. It’s exactly what you’ve wished for, all your life.

It all started when you were a teenager and things seemed way too complicated back then, too many stereotypes, too many judgmental kids around, it was tricky to share your love, so you held it in. How painful that must’ve been. Just daydreaming and wishing you could hold hands with your crush, or even share your true feelings about them. But that would have meant the end of the entire romance. No one would have agreed with it and the first people to turn their back on you would have been your parents… too much pain to endure, so you just let it go.

Work started when you were in your early twenty’s, the same feeling… butterflies in your stomach, extremely fast heart rate and sometimes red cheeks when that amazing person approached you. Who knew love can create such feelings? But then again, what would everyone say, you couldn’t create a fuss about things and you couldn’t interrupt the peaceful workplace… or could you?

Well, it takes a lot of courage and a lot of support to be able to admit and deal with all the judgement that comes with love… it is sometimes painful and it is sometimes too much for a person to handle…

But what about loving a person that’s the same sex as you? What about being gay?

Wouldn’t that make it a thousand times more painful, hurtful and stressing? Put yourself in their shoes for a second and think about it… how hard was it for you “normal people” to hide your true feelings for someone? Should they really be blamed because they love a person?

I truly believe that love should be for everyone, no matter who they choose, and nobody should judge a person’s feelings! A hearts is still a heart and it can love completely and infinitely not taking into account sex, religion, race, social status or any kind of “boundaries” or “tags” that people like to put on others…

Think about it and realize that love is a great feeling that should be respected and cherished!


Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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