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Friends and Friendships

In today’s world keeping in touch with people is extremely easy. Almost everyone has a smart phone, a laptop or desktop and all the applications needed to make it simple to keep the people who matter close to you. Back in the days you had to write letters or telegrams, travel or even find someone with a telephone to be able to hear news from your family and friends.

Although things have changed so much and although everything evolves so much faster than before, taking a moment to enjoy the company of a friend has become a luxury.

Do you remember the first “I love you!” you’ve heard? I bet you don’t, because your mom and dad told that to you for the first time and you can’t really remember when and how that happened. Later in life we learn that loving someone is a feeling, something that comes from the heart and something we will hear or tell to different people in our lives.

We develop friendships, some stick and some don’t… some will make us a better person and some will eventually get the worst out of us. But the main thing is that no matter what the situation is, that person becomes part of our life for a reason. To share secrets, to talk about things you can’t tell to other people, to be there for better and worse, or maybe just to give a new perspective on life.

That sounds easy, but it involves a bit more than that. It’s the same tricky thing as with the smartphones and everything else… we kind of lose the essence of what’s important in the end. Most of the people today spend time on their telephones when they meet, they are becoming very very superficial and don’t appreciate life anymore.

We tend to take everything for granted and can’t see that we can lose in an instant what we believe is ours to take and own. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes we just have to go back in time and start re-appreciating the things that count and really make us happy. Giving a “like” to a friend won’t show your love and affection and won’t tell your friend that you miss them. That’s exactly what digs a hole between people and make them unable to have proper conversations with each other when they meet.

I’ve been in the situation when I haven’t spoken to a person for more than a year or two, just because of the circumstances, but then, when we met again we were exactly the same as we were when we grew apart. We were able to put all the pieces back together and speak without any boundaries… I suppose that once a person takes a piece of your heart, that person will remain there forever, no matter what happens in the meantime.

So, maybe just take a moment and see who really counts, who do you really miss and instead of “liking” a picture on the internet, send them a message and ask them to go out with you for a coffee… it’s way too easy to lose everything, but it doesn’t take that much to bring back what has been broken, you just need to try and “go for it”.


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