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Cris from Cook it fit!

There are moments in life when you simply have to say “thank you!”. You don’t really need a reason for it… just because you reach the point when things happen and you don’t really realize that you have to be grateful for them.

That’s my story for today… About a year ago while I was looking for healthy recipes and different ideas for new meals I came across a website that was just born. It had a simple design, very easy to follow and it had a gorgeous “summery recipe“, which made me drool… The pictures, the ingredients and the nice way of describing the recipes really caught my attention. I wanted to know and learn more about the writer.

So, I looked for the details and that’s how I came across a pretty lady, with a gorgeous smile! Her name is Cris!

Although we haven’t met yet, we are talking nearly every day on the internet. We’ve helped and inspired each other with ideas and advice, we laughed and we shared all the enthusiasm of seeing our blogs grow. We don’t write about the same things, but we have so many things in common!

One of my favourite recipes is the Brussels sprouts and pomegranate salad with prawns.

Fun fact: I normally hate Brussels sprouts and I would have never imagined I would enjoy them so much at the same time!


Cris really knows how to combine ingredients and she loves sports as well. Her top favourite is jogging… so, recently she attended an event, which made her even happier than she normally is. The event was organized by Brooks and she got the chance to try their shoes, I have to say I really enjoyed her entertaining story about them (you can read it here).

Fun fact: she had to return the shoes, but she will definitely buy them in the near future – you can’t fight true love, can you?

So, if I’ve made you curious about her, let me tell you that by following her blog you’ll be able to learn a lot of healthy tips, change your lifestyle and become a super fan of Cook it fit!

True fact: With my pregnancy last year I’ve gained a few more pounds than normal, but after constantly cooking healthier foods from Cris’s blog, I’m nearly back to normal – so here’s my big THANK YOU!

Photo source: Cook it fit!

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