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A butterfly…

I absolutely love butterflies! They are such tiny, colourful and cheerful insects… they somehow manage to bring happiness whenever they cross someone’s path, it’s like a little spark that brightens up a day. Depending on the species, some might live a week and some might live a few months. Regardless of the circumstances they have the chance to experience everything faster than all of us.

The only thing to consider here would be… what do they actually experience? I know there’s been research done and the scientists would give very accurate explanations about a butterfly’s life… but I’m going to go pass that and imagine they are little creatures who can understand everything like humans do.

Their first day on Earth they experience the Sun for the first time, they can feel the heat and enjoy the warm light coming from above. They fly around, receiving all the great vibes our planet has to offer and they enjoy their freedom. It is something we all want and hope for.

As days go by, things start to enter a routine and our little butterfly starts to actually observe human nature and our behaviour. People working from Monday to Friday, sometimes Saturday and Sunday, people working longs hours, forgetting about family and friends, sometimes getting sick and eventually having to pay for medication and treatment. It is a bit ironic to think that you give everything you have for a job that will end up taking the life out of you. It’s the hunger for money, fame and fortune, it’s the society pushing everyone to go and live everything rapidly without actually enjoying their time on Earth.

As time goes, our butterfly will witness wars, hunger, sadness and all the ugly parts. There’s hatred, gossip, evil and vanity… there’s the hunt for money and luxury, the hunt for pleasure and personal satisfaction. Earth has become a place where people are guided by a religion that is actually tearing relationships and love apart, where the political views and egos destroy countries, where money appears to buy happiness but actually destroys everything else… a society where consumerism and the need for social acceptance guide the future of our young ones… it doesn’t really sound as the best place any more…

A planet where some people don’t understand why a woman would abandon her child and why a gay couple would adopt that child and offer him the most loving home… it’s too much to understand in a society that puts boundaries like religion, politics and money between its members. Sometimes the truth is right in front of our eyes, but because we listen to the society we live in, we can’t listen to our hearts any more…

People have become extremely judgemental and they base everything on tangible things like looks and possessions… the sentimental matters are left behind and somehow forgotten in a dark corner. It seems like it’s easier to follow a pattern given by someone, than to follow our own path, the one we’ve been dreaming for our entire life. Technology is evolving every day and soon enough all our feelings will be kept in a box and we won’t know what to do with them unless someone gives us the instructions.

Our butterfly is now tired and somewhat disoriented because of all the side effects people have on each other… but then, waking up one morning, our little butterfly passes a bakery and he inhales the amazing smell coming from freshly baked bread, and then he gets the smell of ground coffee being poured in a coffee machine. It’s just a simple aspect, but it gives hope that things can bring light to a dull day.

Then our butterfly hears the laughter of a child, playing with his parents, not thinking that they are the same sex, or that they are black or white, not thinking about their background and fortune, but simply enjoying the love and warm embrace coming from a loving family.

Later on our butterfly can see a place full of work colleagues who decided to have their lunch break together in a park, sitting on the grass, enjoying a nice picnic and not thinking about their job for an hour… A place where they wouldn’t think how much money they earn, or how they will spend it, a place where they wouldn’t analyse what someone else is wearing or what they posses… a quiet place, where they just live for a bit.

Our friend, the little butterfly has had a rough start, has seen a lot of ugly things, but they are all part of this planet, they are all part of our society and day-to-day life… It’s the way we react to them and the things we do to make everything better. It’s all in the measures we take to fight the evil, the pollution, the radiation, racism, homophobia and all the side effects of our own limitations…

In the end it’s all up to us to make our world a better place!

blue butterfly

Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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