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A tribute to the older generation!

Older generations were brought up with a sense of respect and loyalty towards their country of origin and towards their fellow inhabitants. Once the borders opened and people started travelling freely and with no limitations, things have started to change. Today I’m going to talk about these changes, that somehow affect all of us, in different ways.


1. People judge other people way much faster. You’ve decided to move to another country and leave your own, you don’t deserve anything any more. It really goes to extremes and it is not just my personal opinion. If there is a community of your own people in a foreign country, they won’t help you… because they are afraid you might take their job, position or whatever other fantastic possession they might have.

2. People forget where they’ve started their life. It might not be a general description, but most forget that they might have been poor or in a different situation and once they get a bit of money they are “too cool” to admit how their life used to be. It is a like a magic sponge that erases everything.

3. If someone, somehow manages to become somewhat a public person, he or she should be analysed and criticised non-stop. There might be positive news, there might be negative news, but there MUST be something said about that person. Why did that person manage to become famous in another country? Let’s just brag and pretend we support that person, although we didn’t help with the achievement of that success in any way, shape or form.

4. People become very shallow, and complain their life is horrible, but they will never do anything to get out of their comfort zone and do something about it. There must be a God somewhere that will fix everything, so let’s just pray he picks us and does the work, because it’s easier to gossip and talk instead of actually do some work.

5. There is no need to show compassion or support to other people, because you’ve never been in their position and you’ve never needed help. You’ve just done everything by yourself, so why would you be good to others? They need to suffer and go through the pain of achieving what they want. Funny, isn’t it? It’s just a way of shutting down and showing you don’t really deserve much.

All these are aspects that are affecting people all around us. They happen inside country borders, they happen internationally, and they happen daily – that’s kind of unfortunate.

People are more attracted to superficial things such as “who got married to who” or “who cheated on who” and stuff like that, is this really the world we need?

It’s extremely easy to judge others and to figure out what’s wrong in other people’s lives… but what about looking in the mirror from time to time? What about remembering what our parents and grandparents have thought us?





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