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Modern love story…

Once upon a time, in a club full of people, with loud music, flashing lights and smoke… just a regular Friday night out, there was a SHE out with her girlfriends and a HE out with the guys for a night of fun and drinks.

One second, one blink of an eye and one smile is all it takes for her to be interested in him. Two seconds, another shot of tequila and suggestions from his friends is all it takes for him to look at her and become friends with her.

A few more smiles, long stares at each other and a wave before leaving the club. That’s it, the night is over!

Morning comes and there it is, the sign she’s been desperately waiting for!

friend request

Heart races, breath gets faster and she gets extremely excited and happy. “He really likes me!!!”

After accepting the friend request, the regular, check the relationship status starts, latest posts and pictures, music and other shenanigans are inspected as well. Life can be very difficult at times, can’t it?

Then a post comes up from her…

romantic quote

A few seconds later, guess what happens? Something you can’t even imagine!

like button

This tinny hand is the sign she was looking for, it is exactly what she wanted from the first second she laid eyes on him. So, this mean he likes her too, and he likes the quote, so they are definitely a match made in heaven.

She texts him, because she is very interested and wants to speed up things, it is very modern and fashionable and everyone does it.

Eventually they meet up for a coffee and they start dating… everything is all roses and butterflies, and then, the major thing takes place! The change of a lifetime!

Another weekend out, a lot of love and selfies are taken, and then, right before bed, a photo…

wine glasses

Now every one knows they are together, and they are very serious about their relationship. Wine is good, right?

Morning comes and SHE and HE are still together, so a photo with a tag is added, and everything is even clearer now… they’ve spent the night together!

coffee together

The next big thing is here,facebook relationshipHe puts up the status, so it must be really important, and now everyone knows how in love they are with each other!

Life is pretty great sometimes, and it sure brings couples together in very unexpected ways.

love quote

A few months pass, a few “online” anniversaries, lots of love and emoticons… but one day, one minute and one “stalking” moment takes everything away.

She liked her ex’s picture!!!

All the hopes, high expectations, love and butterflies are just fading away now… he is heartbroken!


The relationship status is turned off, all the selfies together are gone, all the beautiful moments collapse and life goes back to the boring routine…

A few heartfelt love songs…

But things will never get back to what they were… it is just sad how such a beautiful love story ended.

Of course, after such an intense break-up the “look what you’re missing” photos need to be posted…

SHE is like this:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


HE is like this:

boy photo

Friends are split between the two of them, trying to console and give advice… very supportive and helpful in such hard times!

Back to real life:

This was a very intense and powerful “new era” love story… I am sure everyone has seen one, experienced one, or knows someone who has been in one… the sad part of it is that more and more people go for these kind of relationships, without actually talking to each other or living with each other…

Some of them even have children and they end up divorced and the child is split between the egos of two parents who don’t really care. Children end up with mixed feelings, become spoiled and have high demands, especially financial ones.

It is a sad truth… and it might not be funny at times, especially when you see the long term consequences. Maybe we should just go “offline” from time to time and see what we really want, what we really like and get to know ourselves first, before we try to know someone else!

Lots of love,



The photos were found in 2 MINUTES or less, because the internet is full of them!



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