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How much time do you have?

A day has only 24 hours… and for most of us, it is not enough. There are so many things we want to do, so many places we want to be, and somehow, when we finish the day, we are not entirely happy about how things went.

Having time to spend on people might be a luxury from time to time…

That’s why it is not easy to forget or forgive… it is possible, but it takes time… A lot of time… It becomes even more difficult when you don’t understand the reasons, when you think you could have done more or you simply can’t picture your life changing so drastically.

In this category we have relationships, friendships, marriages, partnerships, and mainly all human interactions. People hurt other people, people judge other people and they just see one side of the story… in most cases they don’t have the time, patience or interest to hear both sides of a story. This somehow makes people selfish… not because they don’t care, but because they just care about themselves.

It is not a general description, but it is very close to become a generalisation of the human behaviour. If we have an interest, we stay close to a person, if we don’t… well, we don’t stick around anymore. We just vanish and pretend it wasn’t meant to happen.

Sometimes we don’t really consider how much TIME a person has spent on caring for us…

  • remember that friend who ALWAYS, with no exception, called you on your birthday? A call, to hear your voice, to make sure you are happy and that you have a great day… not a text, a call…
  • remember that person who ALWAYS came to meet you for a coffee whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on? No matter how busy, tired or upset that person might have been, they showed up and focused on your problem.
  • do you know that person who ALWAYS texted or e-mailed you, randomly, just to check up on you? They didn’t need a reason to do so, but they took five minutes of their time to see how you were…
  • what about that friend who ALWAYS stood up for you, when others judged or talked behind your back? You might not know about this, but there is that one person who has only nice things to say about you.
  • and, of course, do you know that person whose face ALWAYS brightens when they see you? It is a feeling of pure happiness, when you see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, although you’ve seen each other three times that day…


These are people who are all around us, we have them in our lives, but most of the time, we don’t appreciate these little gestures… we might be too busy with our own issues and we forget to answer the phone, to set up a meeting, to text or e-mail back, to talk nicely about a person, or to simply smile when we meet someone.

This hurts, and it hurts very bad, especially when you invest something… something called LOVE. It hurts deep inside and that warm feeling of love, that flame that was there, will slowly fade away, and there will never be a match or a fire that might make it burn again.

I know this might be a very different post, I know there will be people who won’t understand this or who will consider this too much, but I also know something my uncle told me…

“Always respect the person who makes time for you… you might never know what goes on in their lives, but they’ve made time for YOU, so respect and treasure that!”

I find this to be very true… and I think that sometimes we just need to remember this and make sure we say what we want to say, or show how we truly feel about someone.

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