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Inspirational quote…


How do you find inspiration to write and why do you do it?

That’s a question that sometimes can’t be answered… do you want to know why? Because there are days when you can’t write at all… it feels like your brain has no more ideas left, it feels like your heart has no more feelings to give and it feels like your eyes can’t picture anything any more… it is pretty difficult when times like this come. It feels like all the effort you’ve put into reading and writing are useless and pointless… it feels like everything has ended and there’s nothing you can do to revive your “inspirational vibe”. All the hours spent trying to find attractive topics or trying to put sentences on paper are just a memory of the past, a memory that is rapidly fading away.

I suppose that’s exactly what has happened to me lately, I feel like my inspiration “has left the building”… 🙂

I have so many ideas, so many notes, so many notebooks full of my own writings, but somehow, they don’t feel right, somehow, they don’t sound good any more – although at some stage they made perfect sense!

A funny fact is that I have started to write a book, I have forty pages already, it felt like the right thing for me, it set me free and it helped me look at things differently, but will I ever have the courage to give it to someone to read? Maybe not…

It feels like it’s not quite what I wanted, and it feels like there’s more to it, and I’m not sure those forty pages reflect who I am, or what I’m trying to say.

I’ve had my fare share of ups and downs, I’ve been published on writing sites, nominated for awards and entered competitions, maybe some of them gave me more confidence and hope, maybe some of them just threw me back down on Earth, showing me that I’m still not good enough to deserve credits for my work.

It is a though field and you always have to come up with a fresh perspective, with an entertaining story and something easy to read and follow… there are guidelines for guidelines of how to actually write a blog post… seriously?!?

This is not why I started writing and this is not who I am, and I absolutely hate it when people tell me that I’m not following the proper “approach of things”… why should I? Just because some person feels better knowing that they’ve created borders and they’ve limited what a person can or cannot write on their own blog?

I don’t have one topic I write about… I actually have several ones… because I am passionate about what I like and I really believe that if someone likes me or my writing, they will always come back for more, and they won’t care that I didn’t follow the “guidebook” of how to write a proper post.

I am going to be honest with you, I was afraid to write to post, because I know I will lose some of my readers, but I also know I will keep a lot of you, because I know you respect my work, my time and my passions… and I was able to speak to some of you, and you love the exact same things… and this is what brings you back to my page, over and over again…

Writing sets me free, even if I write about feelings or emotions, if I write letters to my child, short stories or post about cars in movies or any other crazy ideas that pop into my head… I write because I like it and I find it easier to express certain things through the written word…

I can’t follow guidelines imposed by other people, because I don’t need them and I don’t want them on my page… this is a place where imagination and life come together and I don’t want to follow rules that tear them apart…

I just want to keep the beauty of the written word, without all the limitations other people want us to use in order to have “a proper blog”… 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Inspirational quote…

  1. As long as you do it strictly as a hobby (without trying to turn it into a future business) is the best thing EVER! I love all your posts, Otilia! And fear shouldn’t be in your mind at all, your real engaged followers will always enjoy your articles. Keep it up ’cause you do a great job. 🙂 Love & Hugs, Cris

  2. I couldn’t agree more with what Cris just said and she really made a good point! Turning a blog into a business requires a shift in perspective and approach. But this is not the case here, so you should never feel restricted by any guidelines. Write for yourself and the ones who connect with you, will connect with your writing as well 😉

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