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Blog Awards Ireland

I’ve started the blog on the 6th of July 2013. My very first post was a simple picture, because the place I’ve visited really inspired me. It’s been more than two years since that very first post and it’s been quite a ride. I’ve learned so much, I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’ve made a lot of online friends. This blog really helps me cope with all the changes and things happening in my life.

I don’t have a favourite topic to write about, I write about everything I feel and about everything I love, and it really feels good. So, having this blog as a passion is a reward in itself. Now, imagine my surprise when I received this e-mail, on the 25th of August:

Congratulations…your blog Serene Perceptions  has made it onto the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Long-list!

It was a moment that made me very very proud and happy, and to spice things up, I had to wait until the 2nd of September to find out if I made it to the short list or not. And guess what?!?

“Congratulations…your blog “Serene Perceptions” has made it onto the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Shortlist!!!”

That is unreal, isn’t it? Well, apparently I’ve been doing a good job all this time and being nominated and selected is just what I needed to keep on going and to keep writing more and more.

This thing has made me decide to finish writing my book, so September is the month when I’m going to reach my goal and get a draft done… so, fingers crossed! 🙂

Oh, another little thing, on the 7th of September, the voting will be opened for the Blog Awards Ireland, so I will need all the help possible, to make it to the awards… they’re on my birthday this year, so who knows, maybe I will get a great birthday gift! 😉

P.S.: I really want to thank everyone who reads my blog posts and I really hope you will keep on reading them.


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