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First year of baby’s life!

When you think about it, a year seems like a very long time, doesn’t it?

365 days… that’s a lot, right?

I don’t know how many of you have children, but for a parent, a year doesn’t mean much. That’s what I’ve learned this year. Today my baby girl turned one. So, imagine, 365 days ago she was born… what happened from that moment on is a mystery to me.

I remember coming home from the hospital, the house was full of balloons, cards and gifts, I blinked and the house is full of gifts, cards and balloons again… how did that happen?

At first we were shy, we didn’t know much about parenting, but we learned everything step by step, on our own. We basically grew together. She was getting used to us, we were getting used to her. Nappy changes, baths, feeds and all that stuff was done with a bit of emotion at first, but then we became professionals in the art of baby things. It isn’t that hard (I say this now, very proudly). I was lucky enough to have my husband beside me every step of the way, so the road didn’t seem that hard.

We had colics, temperature and other painful things, like teething – which is still happening – but our baby is strong and brave, and she adjusted to all the changes very fast. She didn’t have any issues with food, she started eating solid food very fast and she loves to eat (daddy’s girl, definitely).

The house got filled with toys and baby stuff, a walker, a high chair, a play cot, a swing… it doesn’t look like a house anymore. It is more a play ground for babies. Even more, a baby proof play ground house, if that makes any sense at all.

The closets aren’t for us any more, she has more clothes than us. Outfits for any kind of weather or event. She is ready for a party, for a walk in the park, or for a dinner in the restaurant. I didn’t know what baby fashion meant, I do now! There are so many options everywhere, it is unreal what people come up with – have you ever heard of a poncho for babies? Seriously?!?

We love books, history, travel, fiction, drama, romance… oh wait, that was before… now we have Tweety and the Looney Tunes, we have the 3 Little Piggies and other fairytale stories like that. Plus Shrek and the Minions, let’s NOT forget that!!!

This year has been full of changes, growing up and learning…

We learned how to smile more, how to smile to everyone, everywhere… we learned to say “hi” to total strangers… we hug toys in every shop we go… because toys need hugs!

We learned to dance more and listen to even more music… we learned to read aloud and make voices and sounds…

It’s been a great experience for the three of us, and I’m sure we’ll just blink again, and she’s gonna be two… 🙂

one year old

Photo source: Cards on Pinterest


2 thoughts on “First year of baby’s life!

  1. This is so true. My baby is now seven months, and when I brought her Home from the hospital, I sat there like oh my god she is mine what to I do now. But now I am so relaxed and feel like a superstar when it comes to anything baby related. It’s amazing how fast we adapt into new roles

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