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How to organize an office at home?

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I have to tell you, I love office supplies, office accessories and literally everything that has anything to do with organizing an office space. Whether it is an office at home, or in another building, I absolutely love stationery. I am not allowed to buy any more boxes, pencils and things like that because I don’t have where to store them any more. That’s why I’ve started thinking about organizing a proper office in my house.

home office - 1

I do all my writing, editing and all my professional activities at home anyway, so why not create my perfect corner (or even room) in order to have an actual office, where I can work properly for a few hours a day. I believe that will make me feel better and make me more productive when I have to work and deal with things fast.

The internet is an amazing place to find inspiration for everything you need, and there are a lot of places to shop either in store or online, you just need to do a bit of research. For people like me, who don’t have enough of time on their hands, I’ve decided to focus all my efforts into this post and come up with some nice ideas, to save everyone some time.

home office - 2

So, let’s see how we can ideally create a great work place in the comfort of our homes, to be productive and generate great business.

  • Try to store everything office related in one place. Books, magazines, stationery, computer, paper and everything else you might have. Just see how many things you’ve gathered over the years and organize them.



  • Make sure you create a routine. If you are a morning person, or a person who works at night-time (like me), plan your schedule and make it visual. This will help you a lot and make you very productive, because you can tick the chores you’ve done.


home office - 4

  • Pick a colour you like, a colour that makes you comfortable and happy. I love blue, so my examples will focus on that colour. It is just a place where you can do what you love and it is your professional corner, so make it as fancy as you want it to be.


home office - 5

  • If you have people coming to your home office, make sure you create an even more elegant space, because first impression counts. People might be reluctant when thinking of visiting you at home, but if they see that you have a proper office or space, they will actually respect you more.

home office - 6

home office - 8

  • Keep the place airy and clean. Some people work better in chaos, but just remember, having a sandwich or drinking a beer in your office, might create stains, or you can spill stuff on your work, just respect your space and make sure you take care of it.

home office - 7

home office - 10

These are the first ideas that popped in my mind and I really think that considering them, and focusing on the kind of business you are developing, might help a lot and you can actually create something wonderful for yourself.

If you need any advice or help with anything, I will gladly help, so don’t hesitate to contact me, my Facebook page is: Résumé Yourself.

chargers storage idea

envelopes cute stationery

home office - 2 display schedule on wall

home office - 3 wooden office style

storage ideastorage idea

storage how to store a lot of things

Photos sources: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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