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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

The process of growing up involves a lot of outside influences. It is a process that takes time and for some people it doesn’t happen until very very late in their lives, or maybe never, depending on the circumstances. Of course, it is important to keep a childish side and remember to be innocent and enjoy certain things, but then again, if we think about what is happening around us, we might just think there are people who don’t even know what growing up means.

I don’t know how many of you will agree with me, but I simply have to say this: our world is weird. Extremely weird. Sometimes I wish I could understand WHAT is happening and most of all, WHY it is happening. There are so many people on this planet, so many hearts and souls, but if you take a closer look you might get to the conclusion that most of the hearts are empty and most of the souls are dead. It is a pretty sad picture, and it only shows that some people don’t know exactly what path to choose.

Just think about this: there are so many countries, in competition with each other, for money, oil, gas and gold. So many people fighting over who is more religious, although we should all believe in ourselves and see that there is good in everyone. People hating other people, just because they have a different skin colour, a different education or because they love people the society doesn’t agree with. There are so many preconceptions and ideas that destroy the real feelings and emotions, they destroy the peace of everyone in a very twisted way.

The educational systems are trying to make everyone think the same, in order to keep everyone under control. TV, radio, mass-media and basically all the tech stuff is there to control us even more. Where we go, what we do, what we eat, how we look, how we think… it is called “a trend” and people need to follow them in order to feel as part of the group (peer pressure – a school thing that follows us all our lives). Having the coolest clothes, the coolest phones, the coolest cars and so on. That’s why the consumption is growing and growing, because we are basically eating and inhaling everything without thinking of the consequences, we are just following the trend setters (who are earning loads of money from the poor people, who just want to stay on top of things and not be left behind).

It is not easy to adapt to a world that doesn’t accept you as who you are, because no one cares WHO you actually are. Everyone has expectations from you and they won’t let you become the person you want to be. From the moment you go to school, you have to adjust to the norms and regulations. Then you have to choose a career that will help you evolve and most of all, earn you money. Money that will help you buy a house, for which you pay fifty years, and if you miss paying it, it goes back to the bank – so you basically don’t own it. Money that will help you buy a fancy car, that won’t be fancy any more in less than a year, because the brand will come up with a new one. This goes for the phones, computers, laptops, TVs and basically everything that can be created from the environment – which is dying in front of our eyes. But we are too busy to see that, because the new smartphone from some company is just out now and it is on offer for Black Friday and we have to get it.

So basically, we are all stuck in work, most of us, in jobs we don’t really like, because we have to pay bills, have medical insurance and have a sort of comfort that we believe is suitable – because that’s what we see everyone else is doing. There are so many chains around is, chains that keep us prisoners for our entire lives, and we lack the ability to see them.

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again… I think this world is twisted… very twisted. Why can’t we enjoy our lives when we actually can, when we are young and able to, instead of being trapped in a systems that eats the life out of us, and then it requires us to pay medical bills to regain our health. A health that is destroyed by the food we eat, by the drinks we have and by all sort of other external factors that we don’t even consider any more (how come our grandparents were healthy and able to live for so long, and our life expectancy is so low now?)

Wouldn’t it be better to go to school until we’re 18, learn basic stuff, in order to be able to understand right from wrong, and then travel the world, to get to know other cultures, learn history as it happens, from people who actually want to be around us. That way we can learn to love everyone and not judge people by their appearance, but get to know the differences and see how we can all live together, as a whole. We could do this until we are 30, and then we can decide what we want to be, and choose a career that will keep us flowing and give us the personal satisfaction we actually need. And most of all, help us become better persons, in order to create a safe environment for everyone.

No one appreciates anything any more, just because everything seems so superficial and I just think that all the wars, massacres, murders and horrific things happening all around us, will just end up destroying each and every one of us.

People need to understand one thing… all the feelings and all the power comes from within, from our own hearts, and we are the ONLY ones who can make a difference, but we choose not to, because we are too busy working and not enjoying our lives as we should.

I know, this sounds very depressing, but I don’t know how to make it sound nicer, because it isn’t. There are people fighting over land, fighting over world supremacy and other crap like that. It is just to gain more power and make the people more scared and keep them trapped and locked in a cage they can’t get out of. It is upsetting and it is very, very sad.

I just wish more people could see how badly this world has turned against us and decide to change and decide to fight against the rotten system that kills innocent people every day. We keep on thinking that we can’t change things, but we can, if we stick together and work as a team, not thinking about all the boundaries and barriers that society tries to push into our lives… get rid of racism, discrimination, hatred, extremist religious theories and other cancerous ideas. Just see everyone as an equal, as a HUMAN BEING, and let’s just make our world better, for the sake of our future and our children’s future.

We have freedoms our ancestors didn’t have, we have access to so much information, and still, somehow, we are not evolving in the right direction. So, let’s just ask ourselves:


grow up

 – end of part one –


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