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Skills a Mother has…

People don’t really consider how many changes a woman goes through. Most of the time, even the most understanding people can’t really relate to what a mother has to deal with on a daily basis.

It is easy for people to find a gap on your C.V. and not to consider you appropriate for a certain job. This happens especially if you stay at home with your child for six months, a year or two – on your maternity leave. They will consider this period as a lack of personal and professional growth, so they will just go on to the next candidate.


It’s very frustrating and I believe it is important for people to understand how much work a mother has to do, all the time. So, I’ve come up with some SKILLS, mothers all over the world have. I might be missing some, but I am pretty sure I covered some of the important ones.

Time management – this one is literally the first thing we learn, in the first 24 hours of our life with a newborn. As time passes, we become some sort of queens of time management, because we can do more than we could have imagined, in only one hour.

Prioritizing – is a competence that goes hand in hand with time management, so it is essential for a mother to combine these two in order to function normally (or as close to normal as possible).

Strategic communications  – a mother knows that in order to get something done, there has to be a lot of planning and motivation, plus a lot of order and coordination, so certain strategies need to be put in place and mothers know exactly HOW to use strategy to get the best outcome.

Multi-tasking – if you think cooking, cleaning, washing, reading, singing, dancing, walking, shopping, ironing and all the housework happens through some sort of magic, you have no idea what happens in a mother’s life in the ten or eleven hours they are spending alone with the child.

Event management – this covers pretty much everything for a birthday party, an event at school, Christmas, Easter, any other important weekend, the Tooth Fairy and all sort of other special events that NEED to happen in a child’s life.

Travelling and transportation – making list, checking them twice (sounds like Santa, right?), well, a mother has to make sure everything is ready for a trip, a holiday or even a sleep over. Loads of planning and financials are covered in this chapter as well.

Teamwork and team management – a mother knows there are certain things she can’t do, that why she needs to delegate certain activities to the father or the older children. Communication is essential here and working as a unit is key to a great family life.

Public relations – starting from the doctor and nurses in the maternity, to the teachers and the children’s friends, a mother knows how to blend in and become the best asset a child can have. There’s no training needed for that, because a mother will always know how to adjust extremely fast to certain situations.

Working for 24 to 48 hours without sleep is a skills as well, right? This is better mastered when the child is teething or has a fever, or when the child is sick, it get’s even better when the child starts to go out for a date, or in a pub or club.

These being said, do you still believe that being a mother is a gap on someone’s resume?

I really wish people would stop considering motherhood as a weakness. This is the best STRENGTH we, MOTHERS, have and we shouldn’t be blamed for it.

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Photo source: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest


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