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Christmas decorations…

As soon as December starts I can actually feel that Christmas knocks at the door. On the 6th of December we celebrate Saint Nicholas and after that we have less than twenty days until the big day… For me, Christmas is all about family, peace and love. It is a time for reconnection with the old traditions and a time to apply new learned ideas.

Having such a large family it is sometimes difficult to bring everyone together at one place at the same time, so Christmas is the time when we can actually meet and spend some quality time together, snuggled on the couch, watching Home Alone and drinking hot chocolate.

Christmas is all about decorating the house, inside and out. It is a time to go crazy and apply all the ideas you can’t apply the rest of the year. Even if you have a huge budget (for electricity bills) or a small budget you can decorate everything as you want, just make sure you let the magic of Christmas embrace you.

I love shiny things, I love decorations, I love the smell of real Christmas trees (although I only get the smell from the markets, because we own a plastic tree – due to environmental concerns) and I love candles and all the Christmas scents like cinnamon, apples, wine, chocolate and everything else that is sweet enough to measure to the expectations of the holiday season.

To have a nice, romantic and happy Christmas, I’ve decided to show you some ideas that are very easy to use in order to decorate your home in a very fashionable way.

For the door, you need a nice wreath, something simple and elegant…

red round

These are things anyone can make, and the effect is gorgeous.

The table arrangements, to bring a bit of magic for the family dinner, have to be carefully selected.


The centre pieces for the tables can add extra effect and they will make dinning even more pleasant.

candles centrepiece glasses

Put some nice decorations all over your house, just little things, that can bring joy to a dull corner.

candle centre piece decor decorate pillow

Just some nice homey touches and you are all set for Christmas, and you don’t have to go bankrupt by making your house look adorable.

door for tree

Hope this post inspired you and remember to enjoy the peace and calmness the holiday season brings…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photo sources: Serene Perceptions on Pinterest

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