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Most Common C.V. Mistakes

I have worn many hats since I’ve started my professional career ten years ago. From insurance broker to secretary, from evenDSCF00532t planner to English tutor and from logistics administrator to senior executive assistant, I have mastered the adaptability clause perfectly. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage projects, teams and deadlines. Recently I’ve undertaken an even more complex challenge: changing people’s lives. I’ve started an online C.V. editing profile – Résumé Yourself– and helped people from all over the world find work and adapt to new environments. I am motivated by delivering outstanding customer service and dedicating my time and effort into helping the ones in need.

I’ve been doing this job for more than a year and I’ve managed to put together a list of mistakes people tend to do when writing a C.V. for the first time. The most frequent I’ve encountered are:

assuming that one C.V. is perfect for any kind of jobC.V.s should adapt to each job you apply for, because each job is different, remember that.
writing a C.V. that’s longer than two pagesyou are not writing a book about yourself, you need to sell yourself fast, so work on that.
employment history put in random orderif it’s messy that’s the impression you’ll leave to the employer, don’t do that.
spelling and grammar mistakeswrite it and read it at least twice, maybe ask a friend to have a look at it before you apply for a job.
irrelevant personal informationnobody wants to know too much about you from the first meeting, so leave some mystery for the future.

It is important to understand that an employer will spend no more than 20 seconds looking at a C.V., that’s why it has to be impeccable.
So just make sure you pay attention to all the small details, because they can influence someone’s first impression about your work.

If you are wondering what certifies me as a person who can give such advice, here are some of the courses I’ve graduated – there are a few more to come soon enough!

Employment Preparation
Employment Preparation
Business Planning
Business Planning




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