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Romanian and Irish!

On the 31st of March 2013 I’ve landed in Ireland. I can’t believe it’s nearly three years from that moment. So many things have happened, it seems like three years is not enough to measure everything. What happened?

I somehow managed to find a true balance in my life, I got rid of all the bad and unnecessary things so the good ones can expand and grow stronger. The moment I’ve decided to believe in myself again I found love and my life just started, or even better, it re-started… We got married, we have a beautiful baby girl and we combined the personal life with the professional one and decided to do more for the ones in need. That’s why we started an online platform to help people with their C.V.s and job applications – Résumé Yourself – and we are writing a book about both our experiences in Romania and Ireland, so keep an eye on the blog for the big announcement! 🙂

I suppose there are things that are just meant to happen and if there’s an idea that has to develop into something big, it will! That’s why I keep on telling everyone to believe in their dreams and follow them, because they will happen if you work hard enough to achieve them.

My husband and I decided to close the Carmich Travel Journal page (we don’t have enough time to manage both blogs) and continue writing everything on Serene Perceptions. We will repost all your favourite stories here, so don’t worry, soon enough you’ll find everything reposted here, on this website. Thank you for understanding!

Today I’ll just post some general information about Romania and Ireland… just to give everyone a bit of introduction.


2 flag - RO and IR


Location on map

Ir and Ro - design


Size difference

Ireland and Romania


Basic information

Romania Ireland
Language Romanian Irish, English
Currency Leu (sg.)/ Lei (pl.)

5 lei


5 euro

Capital City Bucharest



Bhaile Átha Cliath

Government type Republic Republic

Physical Maps

Ireland - physical map
Romania - physical map

Coat of arms


Hope you enjoyed this post and we’ll see you again very very soon with more stories, information and advice.

Enjoy your day!

Photo sources: Map comparisonPhysical mapsLocation

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