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Travelling tips for Romania and Ireland!

I don’t know about you, but I always pack a week in advance when I know I have to go somewhere. I get overly excited when I know I’m going home to Romania. My husband thinks I’m crazy, I would say I just want to be ready for everything and anything.

Knowing how crazy I am, and how “not organized” my husband is, we decided to write a post about things you need when you’re travelling to Romania or Ireland.

  1. Because we are all connected to the internet, phones, laptops and we need our devices, the first important things are travel adaptors.

For Romania you need this:

Adaptor for Romania

For Ireland you need this:

Adaptor for Ireland

It’s easier if you have them with you, just in case, because you might not be able to find them straight away and they are overly-priced in airports (you can get them for €1,50 on the internet instead of €8,50 in an airport – and it counts!)

  1. When travelling to Ireland, you definitely need a rain poncho. I wish I knew that when I came here… I lost about 10 umbrellas in the first 2 weeks, because the wind is “so mild and gentle” that it blows your head off. 🙂

rain poncho

You can be creative and look like a ghost or whatever you want, no one will judge, believe me!

  1. When travelling to Romania, especially in the spring or summer time, bring mosquito repellent. If you are not sure about your allergies to insect bites or stuff like that, it is better to buy a product you know and have it with you when you travel to a warmer place. Temperatures can reach 35 degrees or more, so have light and bright clothes as well.
  2. A personal advice for the guys, from my husband: bring very dark sunglasses when travelling to Romania! It will save you a lot of trouble when you’re gonna look around at all the ladies and you might save a few slaps from your wife/girlfriend if you hide under your glasses! (this is done and tested, believe me) You need to be aware of the fact that Romanian women are beautiful!
  3. A personal advice for the ladies, from me: bring warm clothes and a hat when you travel to Ireland. If you’re not used to the cold wind, chilly mornings and humidity, you need to protect yourself and take care of your body. Or you can just go have a pint of Guinness somewhere and you’re saved! 🙂

All these being said, we hope you are ready to pack and start travelling!

See you soon for more precious information! 

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